John Boorman fans, rejoice!

Not only is Boorman’s last film, In My Country (which was never released widely her in the USA) now out on DVD, but his next film is The Memoirs of Hadrian.
One of my favorite filmmakers and one of my favorite emperors! I’m really looking forward to this!

As a John Boorman fan, I’ll rejoice when he makes another good film–he’s only managed one in the last decade. Here’s hoping Hadrian changes that.

Of course, the real reason to rejoice is that his masterpiece Point Blank is finally on DVD.

John Boorman anecdote:

I snagged a couple of free tickets to a showing of “Point Blank” at the NFT in June. John Boorman and Donald Westlake (on whose book “The Hunter” the film was based) were both there - they had never met before, apparently. Both said a few words by way of introduction and were interviewed after the showing.

During the film, John Boorman took up residence 3 (empty) seats away from me! When it was finished and while they were setting up the chairs, microphones etc for the interviews, I had to get past him to go for a slash. I settled for grunting an apologetic but casual “excuse me”, without adding “Mr Boorman”. Of course, I had to do it again on the way back, but he was sighning a copy of the flm’s poster for someone.

He seemed like a really nice bloke; a bit hesitant I suppose, but he’s 72 and living (in retirement?) in Ireland, so you can’t really blame him.

John Boorman + Rome? I’m in heaven! Well, I will be if it’s good, anyways.