John Carter of Mars

This just in:

Paramount Options Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars.


Now maybe they’ll put the novels back in print, dammit! :mad:

Wow. Wow. WOW. How very, very cool.

But Tom Cruise as John??? Ewwwww.

Hey, Bosda… I got most of the series, all first-edition copies, at a local used-book store, for about 3 bucks each (idiot clearly didn’t know what he had). The rest I ordered from Amazon.

Yee-haa! I can’t wait to see me on the big screen!!!

i also have all the novels, a used bookstore in st. louis had the ones i needed, and some extra tarzans and The Mad King to boot!!

That’s what Disney was going to do. But now Paramount has the rights, although the story insinuated that the ownership is not as clear cut as that. I’m sure there will be some legal wrangling, several people will come and go as the lead, and then it will end up as someone else entirely (whoever’s hot and available when they start to shoot the film).

I’ve read 2* of the Barsoom novels, and I don’t understand the following they seem to have.

        I thought they were okay. But, that's it. Did I get the 2 duds of an otherwise great series? 
             While we're at it, what are your opinions of the John Carter comic series?
  • I don’t remember which ones. They were in a collection with some Pellucidar stories.
    lessee-One revolves around a lady being betrothed to one man but actually loving the hero. The bad guy makes a copy of the key and sabotages the auto-pilot on the hero’s ship/
    The other-at least I hope this was the other book-had a city of psychics who could project illusions. One illusion, Kar Komak, comes to life and befriends John.

Apparently, I’ve read through 3 novels of a 5 novel collection
Thuvia-Maid Of Mars
Tanar Of Pelucidar
I like Burroughs insistence that he is merely transcribing actual events. But what elevated these books from good to great?


A Princess of Mars coming to the big screen. Lord of the Rings being wonderfully adapted. The Amber series being turned into a miniseries.

You realize that this trend validates my entire adolescence. All of my fantasies have come true.

I just love life right now.

I have in front of me 10 of 11 volumes (I don’t know where my #10 got to), all “_____ of Mars” (John Carter of Mars, Chessmen of Mars, etc.). You read two Pellucidar novels and Mars #4, Thuvia Maid of Mars. I don’t know that these books have been “elevated from good to great”; I just know that when I was a pre-adolescent girl who had just discovered sci-fi, I would lose myself in the world of Barsoom. I haven’t read any of them since, and they might not seem as “good” now that I’m a college grad with an English degree (yes, I know I should not have enclosed the book title in quotes), but at the time, Burroughs’ writing really made me feel like I was in the midst of the adventure. If they’re doing a movie, I guess it’s time to re-read these babies.

Oh, and the Boris Vallejo art on the covers is really cool. :cool:


Uh, the inside cover says Cover Art by Michael Whelan. Well, it looks like Boris Vallejo.

Don’t worry, I figured it was Vallejo too!

I’m guessing that they’ll have Russel Crowe as Carter… I could live with that. But Tom Cruise, no way. Of course, what’s more important is who’s going to be Deejah, and how authentic the costumes are going to be :D.

The beautiful thing about making movies of the Barsoom books, is that it’s OK if they’re cheesy. They’re supposed to be cheesy :). I’m looking forward to this, personally.

And as an aside, I’d never realized that those covers were Michael Whelan. They don’t really look like his style…

I heard that some of ERB works are public domain. Does anyone know which? (also heard this was print only)

MrVisible, Dont forget Wizard of Earthsea (adapting by Phillippa Boyens of LOTR fame), Wrinkle in Time, His Dark Materials, Narnia, The Once and Future King and probably others I am forgetting.

Some peopel at AICN are suggesting Hugh Jackman for John Carter. I like it.

Who read Pellucidar but not other ERB works, but picked up stuff via osmosis. (and skimming Space: 1889)

Michael Whelan artwork. Barsoom on the big screen? I could dig that.

Tom Cruise!!? John Carter’s supposed to be 6’2".
Maybe the Disney thing didn’t work because Cruise
kept tripping in his stiletto heels…

My vote goes for Hugh Jackman, and you must understand that this is coming from a lady who has always dreamed of doing a personal ad that starts: “Dejah Thoris looking for her John Carter . . .”

Of course, now most people would think that I wanted an ER doctor, and not the embodiment of the warrior spirit!

So, how did all you fans feel about the comic book series? I have to admit it was my introduction to the tales, and I’m still partial to them, I think about trying to track them down, but I imagine they’d be pricey.

i hae 4 of the comics i got at a con in Chi-town last year, they set me back $0.25 each!! (they are decent storywise, but everyone wears more clothes than they should…stupid CCA!)

I was going to say “if they can do Harry Potter”, but ‘adapting’ implies that a movie is in the works?

What happened? Was Carrot Top booked? Hard to think of worse casting. He’s supposed to be very tall - that means 6’5". not 5’5"

How about Zeta-Jones as Dejah?

Ala, you are apparently missing Llana of Gathol.
Several, if not all, of the books are on Project Gutenberg. read a few other ERB’s there.

Liked the comics too (I’m old). Wish they had lasted long enough to fill out some of the foreshadowing they did (death of Kantos and…Grog??? (yeah I know that’s watered rum, but there was a character with a similar name…)

Looks like a TV miniseries. (so is Wrinkle in Time)