John Cleese says it all for us!

Oh, that is wonderful. :slight_smile:

That was hillarious FT, thanks.

I just happened to see that on a blog where the political discussion was getting a bit contentious & I thought it should be shared.

That is awesome! I can think of no less than six posters, three on each “side,” who I’d like to strap to a chair and make watch it repeatedly until the fundamental truth of it sunk in. Mind you, I don’t expect them to see the humor in it – they’ve ashcanned their senses of humor some time ago – but maybe it would resonate nonetheless.

:slight_smile: :smiley:

Thank you!

That is a chunk out of the middle of Cleese’s 1987 Party Political broadcast for the SDP/Liberal Alliance: which basically explains what a crock of shit any two party political system is.

Very good (I love John Cleese!) but not really a Pit thread. Moving to MPSIMS.

Maybe it’s not a Pit thread, per se, but it *should *be a Pit Sticky.

Oh, I can think of a lot more than six.

THANK YOU! I didn’t think about it being a Pit sticky.

If I intro it with, “To all raving sh*thead lunatics on every side, John Cleese says it all for us!”, can it go back into the Pit?

May I suggest you all check out the wonderful book “Families, and how to survive them” ? Written my Cleese and his psychiatrist, it’s a wonderful journey of discovery as Cleese gets his head around all those kinds of things. There’s a sequel book too, which was equally enjoyable.

[Misplaced rant went here; now it doesn’t.]

Very funny, FriarTed. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Very nice. Well found.

Thanks Friar Ted! Well Put.


10/10. If it had been left in the Pit, I could have added how it takes a Brit - albeit one of our National Treasures - to explain all this in such a succinct, reasonable manner! Oh, I just did. :smiley:

Loved it! Should be required viewing for posting in Great Debates or The Pit.

I can think of several people I’d like to forward it to.

Hey, wait, he just insulted all us paranoid schizoids! I demand justice!



{clap, clap, clap, clap…}