John Cleese tells you where to go.

This is pretty cool. It’s a Sallite navigation system for your car that has customizable personalities. You can download John Cleese, and it’s not just his voice, but your nav system cracks jokes and makes pithy comments. “If you’ll look out your window, you will notice the locals all have one leg shorter than the other, and pointy heads. And if you continue driving at this speed, it may happen to you.”

Gotta get one of those.

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I want that!


They should do Jon Lovits doing his lieing guy voice.

Ummmm yeah, turn right in 100 yards, yea that’s the ticket.

I want Alistair Cooke to steer me to the best Bar-B-Que in Abilene.

I need one with Alec Guinnes:

Use the Force!
Stretch out with your feelings!
Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them!
You’ve taken your first steps into a larger world!

Now I’ll have to rent The Adventures of Pluto Nash again. Cleese was Most Excellent in his role as a moon buggy navigation butler.

This is obviously a product for European audiences. I don’t mark my destinations in yards or meters.

That said, John Cleese has a great voice, and having him direct you would be pretty interesting. “Go three more yards, and you’ll be at your destination- no more, no less. Do not drive four yards, and do not drive two yards except en route to the third yard. The fifth yard is right out.”

Tommy Flanagan (“fla-NAY-gan”).

I DID just get one of these (last Friday), and they are pretty good. There are “third party” voice add-ons, too: Yoda is fantastic! It even garbles the syntax in a convincingly yodic way.

As one approaches town from the Southeast on Highway 36, one takes Treadaway (pronounced “Treadway” in the quaint dialect of the locals) to the right and North. Remain vilgilant, lest you pass by your next turn, which shall be a left on North 13th. After three short blocks, one should find the fabled crossroads of North 13th and Walnut, and at 1305 Walnut to the North, one finds “Harold’s Pit B-B-Que.” The ribs and hot water cornbread are recommended, and Harold-as-chanteur treats the listener to the celebrated “Enrico Caruso of West Texas.” Bon Appetit!