John Edward, meet Dr. Oz. on today's show... John Edward, the ‘psychic’. Dr. Oz has become a believer and in between segments on healthy eatin’ and an audience quiz, John Edwards is going to work the crowd and contact the Great Beyond.:rolleyes: (This is AS IF Suze Ormond had decided an astrologer would be a swell addition to her show.)

Maybe John Edwards can contact DeForrest Kelley in the great beyond, and convince Dr Oz to give Leonard Nimoy the Spock Ears back.

I didn’t *need *a reason to never ever watch Dr. Oz, but thanks. I’ll keep that in mind just in case.

Holy Shit! This convinced him?

The person “close” to her was sitting beside her? WTF? And Edward’s “voices” couldn’t tell? Jesus, dying and turning into a ghost must make you stupid as hell.

Translation: Dr. Oz’s ratings are dropping, and needs a new gimmick to reel in the gullible unemployed that are his advertisers’ bread and butter.