John From Cincinnati: Season Finale (Open Spoilers)

So…does anyone else have any ideas about what the hell this whole show was about?

I think they were hinting that “Cincinnati” is another planet and that “we” are coming 9/11/14. Other than that, I have no idea. They kind of tied some things up but I can’t figure out where this thing would go in a second season and I kind of doubt there will be one.

Even so, a lot of the characters and dialogue in this show were still very engaging and witty and so classically Milchian that I can’t say the show was dreck. It wasn’t. Milch is a real talent. I want him to keep working but I think JFC has been a bit of a failed experiment.

Was Linc’s little speech at the end the rational, worldly explanation for everything that happened? Basically, he accounted for the entire action of the series without a supernatural spin on it.

What was that about Dr. Smith losing 10 years off his age?

I thought this ep was supposed to explain everything. It didn’t, unless I really missed a whole lot.

Sounds good to me. Because if John is supposed to be the second coming of Jesus, I’d like to know who sent him. The first time, he was able to communicate a message. This one was more of a tape recorder. A cute tape recorder, but still . .

I’ve been reading some boards and blogs, and I’ve never seen a show get picked apart like this one. Viewers are “analyzing” and finding meaning in every single thing. Maybe that was Milch’s mission.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Dillahunt wasn’t available and the teenager in the crowd who was supposed to be Dr. Smith was an afterthough. Because otherwise, there’s no point.

John actually says something about Dr. Smith getting younger, right? And he’s teaching Barry and Ramon something? I don’t know.

Though his appearance was pointless and confusing, I enjoyed seeing Keone Young as, yet again, The Chinaman. Did I see Leon Rippy (Tom Nuttall from Deadwood) as the used car salesman?

I guess the problem with this show is so many characters whose purpose in the show utterly escapes me. It seemed like Milch was making work for all our Deadwood favorites but few of those characters forwarded the plot in a meaningful way. And we never did find out who the fuck John was or what his purpose was, unless it was just to convince Cissy, Mitch, and Butchie to let Shaun get signed to Stinkweed. That was the upshot of all the miracles and weirdness. What a letdown.

ETA: If someone has an interpretation of the show that makes sense, I’d love to read it and find out that I was wrong about it.

The used car dealer was played by Peter Jason who was Con Stapleton in “Deadwood.”

Anyone understand the connection between John and the car salesman? He seemed to go into a rambling-rant that covered the same things John has been saying all along. Then he silenced John with the “I thought I switched you off” comment when John started to add something.

I admit I really enjoyed this show but damn was/is it confusing. I have to watch the last episode again, there was just so much that I missed.

How in the world is Link such a successful businessman with such a lame speech / p.r. stunt he pulled at the end.

Oh, and I’d bone Kai.


Link is a successful businessman because of the Yost family, specifically Butch. They sponsored Butch, and Butch was an amazing surfer. They got kinda lucky.

Personally I love this show for the very reason that I really don’t know what is going on, but I slowly pick up more and more as the show goes on. They can’t tie up all loose ends on the season finale, series finale maybe, but we got some from John this week.

9/11/14 could also be a zip code (91114).

I have to watch the season finale again.

91114 is the ZIP code for the City of Industry, CA.

If God is coming back there, I hope he has the proper zoning permits. I don’t think it’s set up for Messiahs.

For those of us that have never been to IB, what is that circular fenced area place that everyone on the show keeps staring at?

It’s called the elephant cage. It is an antenna array used to communicate with Submarines at one time and from what I understand, is no longer in service.

Edited to add a link for more info:

Thanks, that’s pretty cool. Maybe John is staring at it all the time because it helps him hear his father’s words. I got nothing.

A couple of things. First, the 9/11/14 date was written on the shuffleboard court. Was that supposed to be significant? And in a previous thread on the show, someone here suggested that the stick figure would make a cool logo. Well, that person (whoever it was) turned out to be correct. And yes, there was something weird about the car dealer’s speech. And I think that the ending narration said that the doctor returned from Cincinnati twenty years younger, not ten. Still doesn’t make any sense, though.

Does anyone remember the last line, about Kai? I thought it said something like “Kai has god’s child” or “Kai is carrying his child”, or something. Anyone remember?

I watched the whole series and, now that I’ve seen the season finale, feel a little bit like the way I felt after seeing 2001, A Space Odyssey. “Boy, that was interesting, but what the hell does it mean?”.


I think the implication is that something or someone’s coming on 9/11/14 – the messiah, an alien invasion, the apocalypse – and John was the messenger.

Milch chose not to communicate this clearly, but through a character who uses the thoughts and words of others, and then the others somehow manage to figure out the message.

But they were only able to figure it out when they “came together”, so we had all that stuff with Shaun – the one character who they all cared about.

Or something like that.

What a frustrating show. There was a fair bit of it I really liked:
-The premise (alien/Jesus shows up in cynical modern America… what happens?)
-Some of the dialog
-Many of the characters (all of the Yosts, Bill, and especially John)
-The idea that a good way to spread a Messianic word would be to get a marketing company like Stinkweed involved

But watching the show felt like work. It felt like a chore. The dialog was SO difficult to follow, and there were all these extra characters and storylines that interfered with things rather than helping. Was the show made better because the hotel owner, the lawyer, the doctor, the hawaiian gangster and his sidekick, the woman in the restaurant, the hacker and the hotel manager were all characters? Not to mention the chinaman, the other guy with the chinaman, and the car salesman, all of whom showed up in the last episode?

It was like, whenever anything started happening that I actually enjoyed, or that got any momentum at all, the show would be like “aw, HELL, no, there ain’t going to be any actual like PLOT progression. Screw that. Here’s a freaky scene involving characters you don’t care about”. I got a vague scent of uber-elitism out of it. Ie, “did you ever enjoy any normal TV show for any normal TV-show-enjoying reason? Well, then, we’ll make sure you don’t enjoy THIS, because THIS is way too good for you”, or something like that.

Fer instance, Jennifer Grey’s character’s head bobbing up and down under the covers. What possible connection to the rest of the series am I supposed to draw from that scene?

Jewish woman gives unsolicited blow job… the end is near?

It was from the first episode where John mentioned that Meyer was looking for a mind blowing blow job, or something. Essentially closing the loop on one of John’s comments in the beginning of the show.

Good for Meyer then.