John from Cincinnati 6/17/07-- open spoilers

Who else is watching?

I like it. I like that John isn’t getting a lot of screen time, so that I’m looking forward to seeing him, what he’ll do or say next.

Maybe I just like shows with lots of characters. If I don’t like one, wait a minute, one I like will come around.

I really like seeing all the Deadwood alumni. Jim Beaver, Dayton Callie, Garret Dillahunt. The non-Deadwoodians seem to be channeling, or maybe it’s just Milch’s dialogue.

Cunningham (the lottery winner) – his precise, mannered speech reminds me of Commissioner Jarry.

Last week Cissie had a line of dialogue – something like “Welcome to the rest of the world” that hearkened back to Jane’s “Welcome to the fuckin’ world of the rest of us.”

I was expecting John to perform a miracle on Shaun, but it looks like Zippy or Ed O’Neill might have the special touch.

Damn, but the surfing scenes are good. I miss the ocean. :frowning:

I don’t understand it, but I like it.

Ed O’Neill talking to himself reminded me of some of the Deadwood characters.

I could have done without John’s extensive discussion of his bowel movement, but it did serve to make clear that he’s not from this world. And the earthquake happened right after the dealer punched him. How long before the characters figure out that he’s not normal?

I really like the parts with the Yost family and John. Him in the stall was hilarious.

The hotel guy I just don’t get at all. And Ed O’Neill’s character I just don’t get at all.

So mixed, so far.

Here’s a link to last week’s thread. Unfortunately, I missed last week’s episode, and I couldn’t get Cox’s Tivo to find the show a week in advance. Damn user unfriendly technology.

I watched tonight’s (6/17) show and I think I’ll stick around for a while. I mean Deadwood had prostitutes and JFC has chicks in bikinis. What’s not to like? The classic David Milch dialog is there and it’s great to see Al Bundy cussing up a storm.

What cracks me up is how wooden the real surfers are as actors. The kid and that bitch in the surf shop are real surfers and it shows. It sorta makes Kelly Slater from Baywatch (and 8 time World Surfing Champion) look like Laurence Olivier.

If I can’t get the first show On Demand, can someone fill me on a few questions?

How did John show up?
Are John and Butchie gay? I guess maybe Butchie is gay and John is just imitating him? I suppose they are in for a lot of 69.
What’s the deal with Mitch and the levitation. Is that some aftereffect of John’s arrival?
What’s Bill’s relationship with the kid and what is the deal with the birds?

I sure hope David Milch doesn’t get preachy and go all Terry Schiavo on us.

Could I suggest that the OP in the future contain the episode date and/or name?

Don’t bother to answer the questions in my spoiler box. I’ve found a synopsis on the HBO website. Thanks anyway.

Strike two for me. 25% because it reminds me of Deadwood and HBOs chickshit copout ending, 25% because it’s just not that good, and 50% because I can’t bring myself to trust HBO not to pull the rug out from under me again. Fuck HBO and the horse they rode in on.

I’m with ya, unfortunately. I like it well enough but I can recognize that it isn’t actually that good, and I’ll be surprised if it gets picked up for another season. I think I’m done paying HBO to cancel my shows. It conflicts with Next Food Network Star anyway.

I haven’t watched the second episode yet, but it occurs to me – could Mitch’s levitation have something to do with him stepping on that syringe? I know that doesn’t make sense – but then, we’re starting out with the question “Hey, that there levitation – what’s that all about?”

But Butchie levitated too, and he didn’t step on anything.

I don’t think HBO will cancel the show early. We’ll get to see everything that’s been filmed. According to Jim Beaver, they’ve filmed ten episodes – they’re still filming the last two of the season.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t get any answers about John’s origin. I’m okay with that. It’s his effect on people that’s important, I think.

When did Butchie levitate? I swear I missed that. I thought Mitch levitated twice.

It was when they were in the police station. Mitch was telling Butchie that he was sick.

Mitch levitated, Butchie looked at Mitch’s feet and then Butchie levitated. He said something like “If that’s a tumor, where do I sign up?” The camera didn’t linger on Butchie’s feet off the floor, so it was easy to miss.

As far as John’s origin goes, he’s either an angel or an alien. What else could he be? Seriously how can they write it so you will go “Holy Cow, wasn’t expecting that!”

I like the dialog and the surfing scenes,even though I never bought into the whole spiritual aspect of surfing. I like Luis Guzman and the Jewish guy as a classic greek chorus.

Strike two, indeed. I find the surfing theme boring, the grainy “home movie” cinematography ugly, and all the characters unlikeable if not outright irritating. It has people levitating, dead things apparently coming back to life, and a mysterious idiot savant who might be an alien or angelic being, and I still can’t seem to give a shit about any of it.

Even the performances are pretty weak from many of the players, IMO. John and Butchie are shticky, the grandkid (whom I hope dies) is a complete cipher, and that short-haired surfer chick is such a terrible actress I literally cringed during her scenes last night. (I know things are going terribly wrong when Luke Perry is one of the standouts.)

I loved Deadwood, but this show gets one more chance from me before I execute it.

It’s not only the real surfers who are bad, Rebecca De Mornay was pretty awful in the premier (haven’t seen the second episode yet). But the boy is really bad. Almost makes it unwatchable.

I almost turned it off half way through (and not just because of the poor acting), but then it started to draw me in a bit, so I’ll give it another episode or two.

I’ll defend the kid’s acting. It fits his character. He’s only natural and himself when he’s on a board. Any other time, he’s gotta be careful not to say or do something that’ll set somebody off.

Kai though – as fond as Milch is of rewrites and redoing scenes, they could have spent more time on her scenes. Give her some lines that she might actually say in real life, maybe that’d help.

Also, I am noticing the religious themes and symbols, but just don’t find them particularly compelling so far.

Like… when the gay guy was kneeling and praying last night, there was some kind of antenna in the background, out of focus, that clearly resembled a crucifix. And I don’t imagine it’s an accident that “John” and “Cincinnati” share initials with those of a certain well-known savior. And they’ve already depicted more than one (apparent) “miracle.”

Et cetera. I don’t mind the symbolism as long as there’s something engaging along with it, but so far the show comes up short for me in that regard.

Overall, I am not digging this show. Rebecca DeMornay’s character is a complete fucking insane asshole, and I want to kick her in the shin. I like Bill (Ed O’Neill) but I have no idea who he is WRT the Yosts. The scene where the gay hotelier had a gun to his head confused fuck out of me. And John himself is pretty annoying.

I do like Bruce Greenwood, though. The levitating is weird for me because that very thing has happened to me in dreams, I swear. It’s a very cool, strange awesome/scary experience, which makes me wonder what its purpose is in this story.

I will keep giving the show a chance, just so I can see Ellsworth, Charlie Utter, and Jack McCall again, but I’m not sure how much longer I can last. So disappointing. I want Deadwood back in the worst way.

Well, I gave it a try. One and a half episodes. Boooorrrring. Very slow paced, none of the characters do I really give a flying fiddle about, just plain tedious.

For this he gave up Deadwood??? Sorry, I don’t believe that. I’d sooner believe it was cheaper to film a California beach and a couple of studio interiors than the wonderfully detailed sets and costumes.

Milch keeps saying he fought for Deadwood, and that he’s still fighting.

But the story keeps evolving. A recent article (sorry, no cite, the text was posted without a link in a Yahoo group) said that HBO axed a fourth season of Deadwood because of the cost. HBO wanted a surfing show ( :dubious:), and asked Milch if he’d like to do it. Milch had written a script years ago about down-and-out types in NYC who meet up with a mysterious guy.

Since Milch’s methods are a big part of the high cost of Deadwood, why would HBO want him to do another series? They’ve run over budget and off schedule with John, just like they did with Deadwood.

I don’t think we’ll ever know the truth.