Horrid Sunday night HBO show 07.22.07

I’m done. This is almost like a practical joke on the viewers. I’ve heard good things about Deadwood, but I can’t imagine ever watching it after sitting through weeks of this dreck. If it weren’t summer, I’d have not wasted hours of time watching this, waiting for it to become something other than pretentious crap.

OK, he’s Jesus. Fine. Give me one reason to care about any of these characters with their intentionally stilted and artificial dialogue…

Bleh. Is anyone still watching this? I gave up on Pirate Master after 2 episodes. I’m ashamed to say I gave this one 6. Pirate Master is high art compared to this crap.

At another message board, it’s kind of hilarious to watch the shrinking number of posters try to defend this thing. I won’t name it, but you all know what it is. That message board has become far more entertaining than the show itself, as the last rats have left the ship and the dozen or so left to defend this mess grow ever more hysterical in their love for the show.

Sounds like you’re talking about “John From Cincinnati”. (Why in the world didn’t you “name it”, since you decided to talk about the show?)

Well, there are an interesting bunch of characters (“interesting” is not the same as “likeable”.) And there’s a Christ figure. So, there it is. When it comes to things actually happening, the show seems pretty aimless.

“Deadwood” was a good show, with a really interesting historical setting. The Dickensian cast of characters and Shakespearean monologues seemed to work better in that setting (though I was always annoyed by the distinctly modern cursing; wish they had used authentic 19th century blasphemies).

I think the “it” that he or she didn’t name was the message board, not the show, which is Deadwood all the way through the post, I believe.

I figured “Horrid Sunday night show on HBO” would be just as good as the actual title. Plus anyone who was watching it would know which show I was talking about.

LOST posters here get pissy when people come in and crap all over the thread. I figure I’ll just crap on this particular show from the get-go and not bitch if any defenders come in.

No, I think this line:

indicates that we are talking about John From Cincy. I’m still watching it. I wanna see just how bad it can get. I’ve always like HBO series before, even the ones that HBO prematurely cancelled. I just want to see how far HBO takes this suckfest.

Hehe. That’s where I get my entertainment value out of this mess. I still watched it because it’s unbelievable to me how HBO could still air this week after week, knowing it was perhaps the worst show they ever aired.

No way will this ever get a second season. I’m finding it hard to believe that they even continue to air it. Can’t they show some “Curb your Enthusiam” reruns or something? I’d love to be a fly on the wall of HBO executive meetings.

I decided “ok, no more going into John threads”, but since the tone of this thread was such. . .I’m pretty much over it.

I tuned in 15 minutes late last night.

I watched a few, surfed to the baseball game, caught the Brit Open recap at 9:30, watched a few more minutes.

I’m over it, but I won’t bother John-Lovers from enjoying it.

At least Entourage was great. And FotC is growing on me.

I don’t know what it is. Any reason why you won’t name it?

For the record, I watched it last night and I didn’t hate it. I actually thought the last line was kind of funny. I think Luke Perry stood for all viewers at that moment.

I’ve watched it this far; I’m going to stick with it to the end.

I agree that there will not be a Season 2.

I’ve been trying to give it it’s fair chance [ it’s kinda cool that my sister’s house is in just about every episode. It’s right on the beach near the huge pier]
But one thing I don’t like is the portrayal of the completely dysfunctional family. They use the word ‘fuck’ about 10,000 times each episode when talking to each other. I’m talking about papa Yost, butchie Yost, and momma Yost.
Almost as if the writer had no idea how to paint a picture of dysfunction so he decided to have the charactors swear at eachother all episode long.
I think the show would be fine if the writing was a bit better. Unfortunatly it’s not.

I know the actor of butchie from somewhere??? Anyone know where?

I’m mostly watching now to see how many other Deadwood cast members show up. Milch must hold some truly deadly cards on the HBO main office. I think he’s trying to prove that HBO viewers are too stupid to cancel their subscriptions. He’s daring us to quit.

Maybe from another short-lived TV series – he was one of the leads in the failed CBS science fiction entry “Threshold.” That show had its problems too.

If not, IMDb shows that he had small roles in a lot of films. I can’t place him in any of them, but you might.
Brian Van Holt

Too late :o

Heh, I knew what this thread was about, as just yesterday I deleted all the episodes I had put off watching. I was mainly keeping them out of obligation, since I had to cling to the thought that Deadwood had been cancelled for something worth the while. However (IMHO, of course, YMMV and everything), watching JFC was about as much fun as having a root canal. Actually, come to think of it, you’re under the influence of something when you get a root canal, which might have helped the JFC experience. If you like it, more power to you, but I’m considering myself free on Sunday nights now. Free as a (reborn) bird.

I’ll give it one more Sunday but if they don’t bring Wu in as a member of the cast, I’m signing off.

Whoever at HBO that thought this POS would be better than Deadwood should be fed to Wu’s pigs.

I’m proud to say that I recognized the horribleness of this show from the very first episode. I knew exactly what show the thread title meant. :slight_smile:

I gave up about 20 minutes into the first episode. For some reason, though, I completely forgot about the show, and when I saw your thread title, I was worried you were talking about Flight of the Conchords, which I’ve actually been enjoying.

I gave up during the first episode too. My husband has kept watching so I’ve been glimpsing over the laptop. After last night’s show, my husband’s given up too. We’re loving Flight of the Conchords though.

I had the exact same thought. FotC was really good last night. Germaine as Bowie through the years cracked me up each time. Although the song “Bowie in Space” wasn’t that great.

I think alot of people think Deadwood was cancelled for JFC… but if you read Milch’s comments on it (the deadwood series guide for example) it seems more like Milch was done with Deadwood and wanted to move on… why move on to this piece of shit… I dunno.

I’m not going to bother with a spoiler box, since nothing anyone says can spoil this show.

I read on the HBO boards that we’ll see Wu. Also on the HBO boards, Jim Beaver (Vietnam Joe) said that Milch brought everyone together for a meeting before they filmed the last episode. Jim said Milch explained his vision for the show, and that he (Jim) was so affected that he was “in tears”.

At first I was heartened by this. Then I remembered something that Jim posted toward the end of Deadwood, when viewers were speculating that his character was going to be killed off. Jim reassuringly told us that in the final episode, he was going to have a “touching scene” with Sophia.

So after that, some of us are feeling better. If you watched Deadwood, you know how it turned out. Big joke, Jim!

So I figure Jim’s joking on us again. What he meant by being “in tears” isn’t that he was affected at how brilliantly Milch conveyed a very special message via JFC, but that he wasted six months of his life working on this show.

Feh on JFC. So John’s shenanigans bring a dysfunctional family and its hangers-on to some kind of epiphany – isn’t that what Dr. Phil does every day?

I’ll keep watching, but it’s pissing me off more every week.

Well, it did have that line about the nipple antennae, though…