John Grisham's "The King of Torts" (possible spoilers)

Ok, I just finished reading it.

Unique, in my opinion.
bunch of spoilers tossed in below:

I did like the idea of ruining the character economically at the end, that seemed to be an interesting twist from his other works, but going back to his ex gf after she went off and married some other guy?  It doesn't fit, in my opinion.  I know he was trying to get the two back together, but after she just left him then got married?  At least he didn't have money at the end, that would compromise the whole idea of if she loved him or his money.

Overall I thought it was one of his better books. I liked it much better than “A Painted house”. I also liked it better than either “The Client” or “The Pelican Brief” (both of which IMO seemed to have pretty much the same storyline only different characters).
Anyway, what were your impressions of it?

Yeah… I screwed that one up.

Sorry all, for some reason I got it mixed with the spoilers tag.

Why doesn’t gresham write a REALLY realistic novel about lawyers? I mean a novelabout a local ambulance-chaser…filing lawsuits on behalf of some layabout who’s done a dixie on the recently mopped floor at the local A&P?
Imagine the spellbinding dialogue:
(Lawyer): “…this case is definately worth 15 grand”
(Client): “can I get a disability pension out of it?”
(Lawyer): “leave it to me…you won’t believe hoe easy this’ll be”
(Judge): “you boys ready to settle?”
(Lawyer): “yep, my client is anxious to get on with his life”

Yeah… I wanted to go into the law for a while after I finished reading (at that time) all of his books. I quickly realized that being a lawyer was mostly paperwork… and more paperwork… and not much else.

I decided not to go into the law, but I still love his books.