Is this the plot of a John Grisham book?

I’m writing an article on Risk Management techniques, and an associate mentioned that a good intro to the article might involve “a John Grisham novel (I forget which one) in which a firm knew that its product was defective, but decided that the cost of fixing it would be less than the cost of law suit settlements.”

Not being up on John Grisham novels, I went to Amazon and tried to find a synopsis of this book. I can’t find it. I now turn to the best research facility in the universe - the combined intelligence of the Teeming Millions.

Anyone know which book this might be? It might not even be a Grisham book - the description sounds as if it could be Crichton as well. Actually, any amusing anecdote involving a book or a real life incident talking about how risk management is important yet costly would work.

I think your friend was talking about “The Rainmaker” by Grisham.

It’s about an insurance company which sells cheap insurance, denys most of the claims and settles the few that go to court, leaving a HUGE pot of gold at the end.

and let me guess… a young idealistic lawyer, fresh out of law school, decides to go up against the big huge mammoth and wins? Along the way, his young wife or girlfriend questions if he’s wasting his time …

am I right?

Yup, pretty much. Fresh out of law school, first case, lot’s of problems in the way…

Yet he comes through to kill Goliath.

But the GF part’s not quite on… she’s trying to break loose from an abusive relationship (an interesting twist when her ex comes into the story later on to get revenge),

It’s the book that got me hooked on Grisham’s work, but by far not his best. I’d say that “The Runaway Jury” is his best, followed by “The Chamber”.

That was the protagonist’s job in the movie (and presumably the book) “Fight Club” – he investigated accidents for a car company, and performed the equation (chance of accident) times (cost of settlement) = x. If x was less than the cost of a recall, they wouldn’t bother.

The movie Class Action was based on this very topic. I think it was based on a true story, too…or maybe that was another movie. (Seems to be a popular topic…)

D’you mean A Civil Action?

Nope, Class Action.