John Kerry interview at

Not really a debate per se, but I’m sure the Dopers will be debating over the points soon enough. "The truth has a force of its own" A few excerpts:


I am shocked that Salon didn’t ask anything but softball questions that may as well been written by Kerry’s campaign manager. Shocked, I tell you.

Were you also shocked when Fox News lobbed softball questions at Bush last September? :slight_smile:

Dude, did you even read the FNC interview? It helps to sort of ‘read between the lines’, to get to the real scoop:

Don’t tell him two things. Nope, he wants information on this one thing, and will not stop until he is satisfied. Focusing like a laser, you might say.

Look how how confrontational this has already turned. You know, Brit. Why they fuck are you asking him when you already know?

ZING! Game, set, and match. Really, Georgy-boy? Imagination dictates that you are in contact with him way more than ‘every two weeks’. Now sit on his lap and call him Daddy, W. You’ve been p0wn3d.

Et cetera!

I think he needs to add a little detail to his plan and show exactly how he is going to differ from Bush. His page is a bit light with only 4 paragraphs:

A couple things, by my count there are currently troops from 17 out of the 26 member nations of NATO. Out of the other 9 Germany has stated that they will not send troops, France is in the same boat and Spain recently pulled out their troops and they aren’t going back. The other 6 countries are Belgium, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Slovenia and Turkey hardly a group that could free 20,000 American troops. As much as I want more international support and those extra troops will help the reality is that we invaded against their will. They have no responsibility in helping us rebuild Iraq and we should not expect any help from them.

I am all for the U.N. helping orgazine Iraqi elections and government but how does this High Commissioner differ from what Brahimi is doing now?

I agree with everything in this paragraph (minus the NATO mission which I don’t think will happen) but my major complaint is that Kerry gives us little on the way of numbers or details. Also if you take out the sentence about this failing to date the paragraph reads almost identical to what Bush would say about the matter.

My problem with Kerry is that his main campaign seems to be Bush sucks and I’m not Bush. I am well aware of how much Bush sucks and I can also tell that you aren’t him. If you want my vote you need to convince me that you are currently the best man for the job. I know in reality that it is a two person race but I have the option and probably will vote for a third party canidate unless Kerry can convince me that he is better than all of the third party canidates, in my opinion he hasn’t done so.

Yes, Brutus, we all know that “How often do you talk to your dad?” is the epitome of two-fisted journalism. :rolleyes:

Sure, but is that because Kerry is aping Bush, or because Bush – in light of the growing disaster that Iraq is becoming – has been changing his tactics to ape Kerry?

Unless there’s a major groundswell of third-party support in this election, I don’t think Kerry really needs to do so. If nothing else, third-party candidates drawing votes away from Bush will still benefit Kerry overall.

Humorous take on Salon’s interview

*"As you know, the Republican line on you is that you’re a “flip-flopper.” Do you think the White House really views you that way, or is this just an intellectually dishonest political exercise? "*Interesting.

Kerry has reversed direction on some key issues, Bush is as bad or worse so his campaign’s charges are intellectually dishonest, and this question does sound like it was phrased by the Kerry campaign.

rjung is now proudly ranking his sources as equivalent to Fox News? Eeesh.

What’s clear?

That Kerry has no ideas? And is banking on that to win the election?

I think we are about to test the idea that “you can’t beat something with nothing”.