Kerry's Acceptance Speech

What do you want to hear Kerry say tongiht?

I’d like to hear him clearly state his views on the Iraq war. Was it the right thing to do or not? No wishy-washy BS blather, was it right or wrong?

Then tell me what you’re going to do differently about the situation on the ground in Iraq. How are you going to stabilize things and get us out of there.

I’d like to hear exactly what economic policies be will push for. Don’t give me the Two Americas jingo. Tell me about taxes and what specifically your going to do to “create jobs”.

Tell me what you think of the Patriot Act. Will you veto it if it comes up for renewal?

How will your policies on terrorism be different from Bush’s? Do you have plans to fix the intelligence problems that are known to exist? If so, what are they.

There’s probably a lot more, but that’ll do for now.

Wesley Clark (not the Doper) had a good point about this in an interview I saw on CNN this evening. How can anybody expect Kerry to have serious plan with regard to Iraq when he isn’t yet privvy to all the intelligence or other information? At this point, he can only say general things about what he’d do. Military strategy will have to wait until and if he gets inside. To do otherwise would be political suicide, not to mention bad military planning.

Its two hours before Kerry speaks. Hope this helps.

He’s a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee which oversees foreign policy, not to mention the fact that until Sandy Berger got caught with his hand in the cookie jar or his pants or whatever, he was a foreign policy advisor to Kerry. I’m certain that Kerry is privy to very high level information because of his position. So, there’s no excuse for Kerry NOT to have a plan. I’m not suggesting he should have a detailed military strategy but he certainly should be able to formulate something beyond mere generalities.

For anyone who cares, the full text of his speech is up at Drudge.

Pretty aggressive, frontal stuff.

When he said that about Attorney General I almost got down and bowed to the tv.
Yes, he needed to remind everyone what could happen if that “person” is re appointed.
God bless ya, John.

Wow! People say goddamn!

He nailed his speech. He did exactly what he needed to, in fact he went way beyond what he needed to. His speech was such a success that the attempt at spin from the talking heads that I’m hearing right now just seems so petty and small. It ain’t “anybody but Bush” anymore!

This may not be the place to do it, but I am turning such cartwheels in my heart. I was sitting here alone (pout hubby’s out of town) and I hung onto every word. I clapped and shouted and generally made a gleeful fool out of myself. I guess I didn’t have faith. I so feared he would be stiff and boring, but he RIPPED THE HOUSE DOWN!


My next President. I’m so proud of him!

My father had it on downstairs and I could hear it upstairs. When it was over I went down to get something from the fridge, and he said “He can talk!”
Yes, yes he can. :cool:

Damn! Now I wish I’d watched it on TV. Just finished reading the text online, and HOT DAMN! He nailed it, all right.

He was Courageous. C-O-U-R-A-G-E-O-U-S.
So gutsy.
I’ll be knocking on doors for this man on Saturday. Maybe yours.

I wanted to see him lay out what HE would do as President, and I wasn’t surprised to see that he didn’t.

Wow. I can only echo what;s been already said here. Kerry nailed it.

I too thought it was an outstanding speech. Prior to this, I would have voted for John Kerry or a tree stump; it almost didn’t matter, as long as it wasn’t George W. Bush - because I couldn’t imagine anyone doing more harm. Now, I feel a lot happier about voting for John Kerry, not just against Bush.

He raised some important points, one of the most important of which, I thought, was that he has the credibility with other nations that Bush has utterly blown. Kerry has a good shot at actually building a coalition to help Iraq make its all too painful transition to a real government, if in fact it can. We have a huge mess to clean up; we can not do it alone, because rightly or wrongly, we are seen as the villains by the too many Iraqis and the provisional government is seen as our puppet. But we can’t pull out now, because that just leaves it wide open for another strong man to come in and take over. The only viable option is to have a truly international force to keep the peace until Iraq has the government structures and the nation has the infrastructure to continue on its own.

He did very well, and I am pleased.

I think his speech was solid, and exceeded my expectations. He didn’t seem stiff, wooden, and while some of the pundits are ripping him (or the networks) a bit for “rushing” the pace - I appreciated the fact that he got to the point and didn’t just stand there and bask in applause for a minute every time.

My favorite line, and the one that should resonate in America, is his insistance that the Saudi Arabian royal family shouldn’t determine our energy policy. I don’t expect miracles in this area, but with Kerry I hope we can get set in the right direction; toward energy self-suficiency.

Of course, the Texan in me says, whenever an impressive roster of new initiatives and programs is listed - how exactly are we going to pay for this? Will a tax roll back for the top two percent cover this?
I hope those numbers add up, because I am sure the GOP is already parsing those figures.

Try this (PDF) and this. FTR, he did say what he’d do, he just didn’t say how.

Great speech, I thought. He touched on many issues of import and really tried to reach out beyond Democrats, at the same time that he riled the base without directly using loaded words. It’s a tough dance, I’d imagine. Looks like Kerry brought his dancing shoes.

Actually, he gave some pretty specific details about policy direction. Check out thetranscript.

Or you can go to there are details.
My reaction to the speech:

I though it was quite good on substance and more aggressive than I expected towards Bush. He pretty much out and out called Bush a lying sack of shit. He took some nice little shots at Cheney, Rummy and Ashcroft as well.

Another good line was when he said we need a president who believes in science. A-fucking-men.

He didn’t seem as charaismatic or electrifying as a pure performer as Clinton or Obama or even Al Sharpton, but it was a meaty speech. Light on the platitudes heavy on substance.

Christ, I hope he wins.

I wonder if GWB will try to salute. I bet he talks a lot about “defending the instution of marriage.” That’s about all he’s got.

There are none so deaf as those who will not hear.

Did you really expect specifics of policy and regulation? It was a nomination acceptance speech – what you get is broad brush stuff but there was certainly a bach of “as President I will…” stuff. We all know that the challenges of the next four years can not be anticipated (who in 2000 expected 9/11 and the invasion/occupation of Iraq), the best Kerry could do was to try to give the country an impression of himself and to outline where he wanted the country to go. It seem to me that Kerry did not get the benefit of diminished expectations that George Bush got in 2000 and still to some extent enjoys. Kerry had to give one hell of a speech or be regarded as a failure. I think he gave one hell of a speech. Even that smarmy jerk from the NY Times, Brooks, thought it was a whale of a speech.

The daughters were tremendous.

He looked and sounded Presidential.

Next week he has to figure out how you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake. I’m sorry but that line changed my life and I can’t get it out of my head.

Some (including myself) underestimated him. Not any more. He’s got it. He’s got the fire.

I’m afraid you were seriously disappointed John if you were expecting him to actually say something of substance. It was never likely. We are talking about a politician here…and one who’s strategy (and who’s party’s strategy at this convention) seems to be to say as little of substance as possible while attempting to protray themselves as moderate/centrists. They have actually been pretty successful at that, though Kerry slipped a few times in his speech…or maybe he didn’t slip and actually threw out a bone to his liberal following.

All in all it was a decent speech I suppose, but I was hoping for something with a bit more meat myself. He did nothing to sway me to his cause. I expect about the same from Bush and co. at the RNC so will probably end up voting for neither of them in November.