John Kerry's Pro-Terror Voting Record

He can try to hide from his record. I sure won’t let him.

Imagine Osama Bin Laden in the U.S. Senate (Democrat of course)… Can someone tell me if Osama Bin Laden’s voting record would be (hypotheically) any different than John Kerry’s?

I think they’d be the same. And (with OBL in the Senate) Kerry would have another choice for a running-mate…

Truth is Served. Whether or not you can handle it? That’s up to you.

I’ll be waiting for you personal attacks and smear tactics.



Care to give some examples of these pro-terror voting decisions for the people who aren’t as knowledgeable as you in this subject?

I don’t remember the stories about the “Blow the living shit out of the US” or the “Kill all Americans” bills but maybe that’s just liberal media bias for ya :wink:


“All those in favour of more terrorism say ‘aye’”

Kerry: “Aye!”

Perhaps you could propose some specific votes which you believe were somehow “Pro-Terror”. I would suggest that the best recruiting drive ObL could hope for from the US was a Soviet-style hegemonistic tantrum in the Middle East.

Kerry did, apparently, vote for that.

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Cutting intelligence?

Cutting Military Spending?

Undermining the War Effort?

Any of these ring a bell?

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Anyway, I’d love to see examples of Kerry’s pro (blow?) terrorism votes. Did he recommend cutting intel funding too?

And what if that war and military spending effectively is “pro-Terror”?

It would be nice to lure $15 bucks out of this guy. You know, before…

Osama Bin Laden (like John Kerry) would cut Intelligence.

Osama Bin Laden (like John Kerry) would cut Military Spending.

Osama Bin Laden (like John Kerry) would undermine the War effort.

There are more examples…

Oh for goodness’ sake.

I would suggest that Osama would prefer the US to invade the Middle East (requiring higher military spending and a pro-war administration), since it makes his job recruiting and brainwashing terrorists so much easier.

I bet you look as cute as a button in your The War Against Terror T-shirt.

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Specific citations from Kerry’s Senate voting record are what we’re looking for here.

I’ll get you started.

Click this link to find out how to gain access to Congressional voting records.

Please find one (more if you like, but we want just one for now) example of a bill where Kerry voted “pro-terror”. Explain why you think voting a particular way on that particular bill supported terrorism, and show Kerry’s vote.

Then this will be a debate. Prior to that, we got nothin’ to work with here.

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So, you’re saying OBL is a pro-choice, in favor of stem-cell research, against tax cuts for the top 1%, environmentally conscious, equal rights advocate, pro-Israel, universal health care reform and after-school care programs, willing to work with the rest of the world community who also favors nuclear non-proliferation treaties, liberal pinko commie?

Learn something new every day. Or maybe not.

I’m not pro-Partial Birth Murder. And I’m anti Terror.

Other than those, I’m actually quite moderate.

Who cares about Manchuria? We’ve got the Arabian candidate!

Krugman is clear elsewhere in the column that he doesn’t believe Bush is actually an al-Qaeda mole. But he sure acts like one, doesn’t he?