john malan couldn't predict stink in a shit house! (Lame, but justified).

For 99.999999% of you on these boards whom reside in one of the Cheeseless 49, this rant will mean nothing.
For those of you cursed to live in the weather hell, the Majikal Land 'o Cheeze known as Wisconsin (Drunkest place on Earth, registered trademark!) you may know of what I speak.

There is this weather man, see? Educated, I guess. In what I know not!:smiley:
His name is John Malan.
I’ve been traking his predictions, and you know what? Huh? You know what? Well, I’ll tell you what:

Geezus fugging Khrist! Yesterday was the topper. He was on the boob tube tuesday night, and in the newspaper Wednesday morning claiming it was going to be severe storms ALL day Wednesday. I COULD have had off of work Wednesday. I could have gotten the work done on my drive way. I could have played 9 holes of golf. I could have cleaned out my roof gutters. But why would I take a comp day off work when it’s going to pour rain? So off to work I go…to sit in a fucking office while the sky remains blue and the sun shines!!!
The same thing today! He claimed it would be mostly cloudy with thunderstorms!
Where? Not here! The sky was as blue as blue could be!
These are but 2 recent examples of the many I could cite! This fucker couldn’t predict pussy in a whorehouse! Grrrrrrr!:mad:

I moved out of Milwaukee almost 11 years ago and can remember Malan from years prior to that (channel 12?). He may suck as a weatherman, but thanks for reminding me I don’t live there anymore. :frowning:

Doh! just clicked the link and saw it was channel 4. :smack:

How was Summerfest?