John Palifox Key and Devon Pitlor and Joey Leguay and Paula Denail and others

I respect this forum above all others. I just wanted to ask Cecil or his surrogates or other readers what they thought about the spooky story of John Palifox Key and his ultra-arcane book *Proofs of My Return (*1961)

This is all about valid and concrete evidence of a parallel realm (which sounds hoaxy) but it has endured for more than a decade online and has thousands of adherents.

If the JPK mystery is in anyway true, then life as we know it on this planet is all wrongly portrayed and has been for centuries.

Any thoughts?

I am not a deep researcher. That is why I so much respect this forum and Cecil.

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This seems to be one of a number of portals-into-another-world/time stories*, only no one seems to have confirmed that Mr. Key or his book ever existed.

Like a gazillion other paranormal, conspiracy or alt med stories.

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*didn’t Stephen King write a story along these lines?

***chocolates and cash bribes are required to gain entrance to the upper levels.

On the other hand, this could explain the mystery of MH 370. :eek:

Could you please present what you think is valid and concrete evidence?

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I’m kinda hoping that he does.

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