John Prine in Chicago

I have two tickets to see John Prine at the Chicago Theater tomorrow night, but my husband was called away on business. I think the show is sold out, but it’s hard to tell. I don’t want the other ticket to go to waste if there’s a fan out there dying to see the show but I’ve never done anything like sell tickets. Does anyone have any suggestions? I thought of Craigslist but I’ve never used it, plus I wouldn’t want to attract some weirdo or predator since I’ll have to sit by this person during the concert.

I’ve never heard any John Prine but I do want to go because the opener is Iris DeMent, and I’ve been a fan of hers since her first album.

I guess I could go a bit early and skulk around outside hoping for a “Got a ticket?” person, but damn, it’s COLD outside.

Damn, I wish I was in Chicago! John Prine should be great. I would be a bit freaked about having to sit next to a stranger in that circumstance too - even though your other side will be a stranger! I would think giving it to a “have a ticket?” person would be safer than Craig’s List. Maybe. I really don’t know!

Do you have a friend you can ask to go with you?

I’m no help, sorry.

Me: Hon, I have a chance to go see Prine tomorrow, but it’s only one ticket.

Her: Ok, who are you going with, I can stay home.

Me: Oh, another Doper…her husband can’t make it, so she has this ticket…

Her: Stern glance through the phone.
I’d love to, but I’m not sure I even have the stones to bring it up

Thanks for the response Dolores Reborn! Unfortunately I don’t have any friends who would be interested in a concert like this. But I think I may have a solution…

Laugh I am the last person in the universe anyone’s wife should be concerned about. Seriously.

Check your PM!

I have it sorted out so I’m going to ask a mod to close the thread. Thanks for reading!

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