Kraftwerk tickets

So a friend, a fairly strange, sometimes hard-to-get-to-know guy, gave me two second-row tickets for a Kraftwerk show, this summer in the opera of Oslo, together with him and some other people. So this person receiving my second ticket will find themselves in a social-setting that will be fairly strange, if mostly friendly.

I just ended it with my girlfriend, so I’m not sure who to bring; My best friend is possibly busy, and even if he likes Kraftwerk, he’s not the most enthusiastic person I know. My dad on the other hand is, but he can afford his own. Maybe I’ll get a new girlfriend, but then again, I won’t know if she REALLY likes Kraftwerk. One of my former band-mates will have to get his own(probably has already), even if he’s the biggest fan of Kraftwerk I know. He’s just a bit too strange to bring a long in an already fairly strange social situation.

TLDR: I have a bunch of friends who’d love to go, but how do I choose, in your honest opinion?

I will probably give it to someone I know, but if you have a really good argument for why you should go, please come with it! General banter about Kraftwerk is always welcome(I hope I chose the right forum!).

Why would you not want to go with your dad? Just because he can afford his own ticket doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like to go see Kraftwerk in the second row, next to his son.

Is it the 3-D show? Just as a warning, its a migraine trigger of a show. (My husband loved it, I ended up in first aid).

In a quiet moment, amongst a group of friends just la-la the opening 10 notes of “Radioactivity” and take the one who makes the correct “whoosing” noise.

Me and my dad do a lot of things together. I did consider it, but if he’s interested enough, I’ll let him switch tickets with me instead, so he can go second. He was here during christmas, so we did talk about it.

Thanks! Yes it is, I’ll keep it in mind. I don’t have trouble with strobes or dizziness, so I’ll be fine!

Good one! How about singing the intro of Spacelab? Or maybe should work the lyrics of Das Model into my everyday vocabulary and see who picks up on it?

I’ve been thinking, and I think I will give it to a former flat-mate and good friend of mine. I think he would love it, and get his ass out of his appartment. He’s helping me out on a project, so it could be a thank you gift.

give it to mee!! ( because it’s almost 9 of the morning and I registered here just after reading your post :D) I’ll pay you!
Kraftwerk are my life. Which show is it?

If I had the airfare I would suggest me. I’ve loved their stuff forever (I actually knew of them before 1974 and Autobahn) but I’ve never gotten to see them live.

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