John Walsh, Shut The Fuck Up!

Last night, on Hannity and Colmes, America’s Most Wanted JOHN WALSH, makes an appearance to talk about the 14 year old girl who is with some 56 year old asshole (another freak released on parole by our injustice system).

Mr. Walsh gives the facts about the case and then says something like, “we have to get this guy. What if he gets tired of her and decides to kill her and bury her body in the desert?”

Uh John, did it ever occur to your camera/sex addicted ass that maybe they are in a motel somewhere watching this? Did you have to get that specific? We are not stupid. We know what these freaks “might” do.

Did it occur to you that the girl might have been watching and heard this? Why didn’t you just go into specific detail about what might happen BEFORE he kills and buries her?

I have lost all respect for this phoney. If a red light goes on, he jumps in front of it thinking its a camera. His voice now bothers me, and his weird hairstyle bothers me.

I am sorry about his son. What he went through was horrible. But I think this egomaniac has rounded the bend and should just stick to Americas Most Wanted where he does some good.

I don’t need to hear specific details about what MIGHT happen to this girl. And neither do her parents who I’m sure were also watching. They heard this comment.

You stupid fuck, you don’t need to be at every high profile case. Let someone else give the details. Get your ego in check and find a new hairstylist while you are at it.

I think even Hannity was shocked at what he heard.

Walsh, get some sleep and learn when to shut up.

I always felt funny about how he parlayed the death of his son into a career. It’s a career that helps people and gets criminals off the street, I tell myself, but I can’t shake that ugly feeling about it.

I agree, I always had a weird feeling about him too. But i kept thinking, “he’s been through hell, it’s ok”

Then I hear he is now a self professed “sex addict”.

In others words, because of his celebrity he meets and has sex with many women. but he calls it a sex addiction. I call it having sex with many women because of his celebrity.

John, your wife went through hell, so you cheat on her? Oh, yeah, its an “addiction”. Sorry.

He just plain creepy, and not in a “Christopher Walken” kind of cool/fun way.

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Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

Self professed sex addict?

Linky please.

Sex addiction is a valid and recognized psychological disorder.

I have no idea if John Walsh is a sex addict or just really horny, though.

He told it to Don Imus. Imus talked about it on his show.

I couldnt care less if he’s a sex addict. He as done an incredible amount of good for this world with Americas Most Wanted.

His show is disgusting, pandering as it does to feelings of vengeance and revenge. Sort of like those “cops” shows, which have brutalized our conception of the practices of those who “protect and serve.”
Just what is a “sex addict,” by the way? Ain’t we all? I’d say his confession is a pathetic form of bragging: “I, just like you, would like to have sex as often as possible. Unlike, you, I do, and I confess!” Would that we all could make such a confession.

Gotcha, thanks.

Well pander the fuck away then, because the show has bagged 745 captures.

I agree. Apparantly he is getting sued for divorce and she listed his many affairs. He told Imus he didn’t deny it, that he had a sexual addiction.

I think Imus’ crew were all laughing about it saying that they did too.

So do I.

But that remark last night was really over the line. He should know better than that. It was almost as if he enjoyed it a bit.

Don Imus is a good source?

Yeah, that’s pretty shitty what he did. (Walsh, that is).
Although his show has done quite a bit of good, as has Code Adam.

Did you see AMW a few weeks back? He was at a police training site, and took something like an AK47 and just started firing away at a (training/target) car. I’ll never forget that image. He was WAY into it.

I forgive him his humanly trevails and tribulations. His life was turned to a horror film by some sick fuck, I have no doubt he was screwed up due to it. As would I. He is able to seek some revenge by catching scumbags, but revenge is not a therapy. He has a lot of baggage, and I suspect I would to if it happened to my son. What he has done for victim rights, child abductions, etc. overcomes the fact that he’s human and he can be an asshole. At least for me.

The kidnapper has done something similar to what John described before, after all. Her parents know this.

I’ve always admired John Walsh and I think his show does a lot of good.

How can that be creepy?

I heard a radio interview with him about ten years ago (Alex Bennett 105.3 KITS San Francisco). I don’t recall exactly what it was that put me off, but the guy was just plain creepy. Even the radio hosts said so afterwards.

True AMW has performed a service to society, but he still rubs me the wrong way.

Besides America’s Most Wanted, he had a large part in founding the National Center fo Missing and Exploited Children, which has done an immense amount of incredible things.

Walsh has his faults, but IMO the guy’s a hero for what he’s done for children.

Yes, he’s turned his son’s murder into a career. Would you have felt better about him had just turned into a bitter, drunken real estate broker? What good would THAT have done the world?

And you want to talk about creepy people? How about the animal who kidnapped Walsh’s beloved son and chopped off the little guy’s head?

Jesus Christ.

Walsh turned his debilitating black hole of pain into something positive. He helps find missing children. He is a resource for other parents who find themselves involuntarily committed to the same hell he had been thrown in. He found a way to use television as a dragnet to catch hundreds of bad people.

He’s not a CREEP. He’s my fucking hero.

Okay, given the OP about Walsh’s “sexual addiction,” pardon the unintentional pun in my last sentence.