Johnny Depp is Tonto

I’m with you on this one. Depp’s about as Cherokee as my cat. Wes Studi and all the other Native Americans must have been busy that week, along with all of the Hispanic actors who are part Apache, Comanche, Navajo, etc.

Interesting you should bring that up, because here’s the story of how Tonto got his name. Basically, the writer was looking around for a name, spotted Tonto Basin on a map, and figured that’d be the perfect name for the Lone Ranger’s sidekick. No idea of how that place came to be named, however.

Good thing it wasn’t N***** basin I guess…

All I’m saying is it really is not a good idea to have a guy playing and indian side kick named “Stupid” in this day and age no matter how innocent the origin.

Also, if Depp plays this like any of his earlier roles I vote for Tonto Tomahawkhands. That would be awesome.

Maybe they’ll handle the fact that Tonto is being played by a white guy in a thoughtful, interesting manner. Like, his grandmother may have been half-Apache if family stories are to be believed and Tonto decided to embrace this part of his ancestry despite the fact that he’s 7/8’s European.

It’s fairly serious and occasionally gritty in sort of an EC comics way, but the Ranger retains his trademark look, silver bullets, Silver, his morals (mostly), etc… It’s quite cinematic in its presentation and features some stunning covers courtesy of John Cassaday (all images safe for work).

Could be they are not making the next Dances With Wolves.

I think the overwhelming majority of offenderati will have to be told they’re supposed to be offended first. If it turns out “lone ranger,” in Chinese, sorta sounds like “child molester,” I guess they’ll just have to dub that when it releases there.

Of course, with Depp and Clooney (George Clooney, geez - the man whose best acting makes most C-listers look like Patrick Stewart), they may be going for a straight-up old-style Lone Ranger for nostalgia value.

Y’all excuse me if this has been mentioned, but just as “Tonto” means “Fool” in Spanish, so too does “Depp” mean fool in German.

I just love the irony of that!



Well, it wouldn’t be the first time Depp had played such a role. He was very impressive in The Brave.