Johnny Depp is Tonto

Not sure if this is a good idea or not.

Is he going to be playing it straight? Or will he just be Captain Jack Sparrow in warpaint?

Neither. The thing about Johnny Depp is that he plays a completely different Johnny Depp in each of his movies.

Mmm, yeah, then why put Depp in the sidekick role? Depp’s a big ticket star these days (rumored to be pulling down $50 mil a picture), and making him the sidekick is going to put the focus of the film on Depp’s character. A serious film about the Lone Ranger where the big star is the sidekick? Given Hollywood’s penchant for screwing things up, I can’t see that working. Which means they’re probably not going to be playing it straight, so that means we’ll be getting a Depp like Captain Jack Sparrow (who bears more than a passing resemblance to Hunter S. Thompson and Keith Richards).

George Clooney is in talks to star as the Lone Ranger:

So Johnny Depp wouldn’t necessarily be the biggest star in the film. Tuckerfan, do you have a source for Johnny Depp making $50 million a film? That’s way more than anybody makes for a film. Getting $25 million up front is the top, I think. There may have been some cases where an actor took a percentage of the gross and ended up making $50 million or so on a film, but they weren’t promised that up front.

Hey, he wasn’t the star in Chocolat and he did a great job. He almost didn’t steal it at all ;)! The only point where he makes a big gesture is one where it completely fits for the character to make one. Depp can play “sober”.

I think he’s very good at doing what the director wants him to do. So long as Lone Ranger isn’t directed by Tim Burton, Depp is perfectly able to play second fiddle for whomever gets to play the Ranger without eating his theoretical “boss” out of the screen.

ETA: if the Ranger is Clooney, we’re talking two guys who both are perfectly able to eat up the whole screen, perfectly able to refrain from doing so, big stars with enormous pull…

Here’s one that says $64 mil.

I guess I’m out of it. I hadn’t realized that top salaries had risen so much.

In Neverland, Johnny Depp’s J M Barrie was subtle & painfully repressed. Exactly what the movie needed.

Depp as Tonto to Clooney’s Lone Ranger? Where do I line up for tickets?

Right behind me.

This sounds pretty cool if they do the premise right. One thing that’s for certain is that this will certainly be the weirdest Tonto ever portayed. Certainly won’t be the Jay Silverheels type that we’re used to.


Shouldn’t… um…

Shouldn’t the actor playing Tonto be a Native American?

I would have thought?


(It’s entirely possible there’s something I don’t know about either the character Tonto or the actor Johnny Depp. Normally I’d look at Wikipedia a bit before posting, but right now my internet connection takes about five minutes to load a non graphics intensive page so I honestly don’t have the patience. Apologies if this is causing a display of ignorance!)

I’ll watch anything with Depp in it, and Clooney is a bonus. I also think the relationship between the Lone Ranger and Tonto needs to be shaken up a bit, for modern audiences.

I wonder when the producers will decide to run the word “Tonto” by a Spanish translator? I thought this was a pitting of Johnny Depp and rushed in to defend him…

I, for one, would love to see a movie about the great hero, Tonto, and his faithful paleface companion, the Lone Ranger.

The Lone Ranger is seen now as way dated and cheesy. To reinvent it would require a severely realistic setting and plot, giving him a Roland (of Dark Tower fame) kind of slant. Not quite an anti-hero exactly but a hero for our current age.

Frylock, Johnny Depp has some Cherokee in him but he is, by and large, a white guy. Unlike Tonto.

And, Wikipedia tells me that starting in the 1980s Tonto has been portrayed more as an equal partner and less as a pidgin speaking sidekick.

Depp’s got some Cherokee blood. From the same Wikipedia article I checked, this (badly worded) sentence might explain why he wants to be “Tonto.”

The Lone Ranger was never an accurate, sensitive depiction of the True American West. I already knew the story from radio when we moved to Texas–where we got TV! And seem to remember thinking that cowboys didn’t dress that way–all in white. They surely didn’t back in South Dakota. (Nor did they in Texas, outside the Fat Stock Show–although we didn’t live in a heavily cowboyed part of the state.)

Even as kids, we joked about the giant papier-mâché rock that always represented “a grove outside town.” And loved Mad artist Don Martin’s takes on the show.

I don’t know anything about Dark Tower, but the movie could simply be an adaptation of the latest Lone Ranger comic book series and would work out fine.

At any rate, a Clooney Ranger and Depp Tonto are going to give carpal tunnel to an entire generation of slash fic writers.

Yeah, but isn’t Clooney’s “star” in a bit of a decline? (Though, I’ll admit that with Clooney in the role [though he seems a touch old to play the character], there’s a good chance it’ll be a decent film.)

I am ignorant of such things-what is the tone of the comic book series?