Johnny Hart--nice to know you don't let me down

Fuckhead. His strip from this week…

Johnny–I fully appreciate your putting your religion into your strips. I may not agree with you, but much of religion is personal, unproveable, and unanswerable. Charlie Schultz did it in a rather classy way, I’m sure others have also. You are just a bit heavy handed, but I can forgive you this.

But, you stupid git, when you get into mixing politics into humor, you fail. Miserably. You used to be able to pull it off, in the 1970’s and earlier. But since you found religion, you suck so bad at politics.

Now mind you, many politicians are creatures that cowtow to whatever is in their political/financial interest. I can’t deny that. Maybe even MOST politicians.

But for you, you fucking narrowminded asshole, to imply that Republicans who have the guts to stand up to our impotent leader are somehow creatures that have no principles, and only go with the wind, is just mouthing the same old line that’s being put forth by the puppetmeisters pulling W’s strings.

Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, John Sununu of New Hampshire and Larry Craig of Idaho —These are Republicans that stood up to Bush this week. They are just the latest group to defy Bush. Hopefully, they won’t be the last.

Yeah, I had about the same reaction, after I re-read it to make sure he said “Republicans”. I guess this is Johnny’s way of ex-communicating them for heresy. Whatever, they’re in good company.

So, the boy scouts are supposed to be Republicans who are going into the Democratic camp, is that the idea? And they’re doing that because they’re lost and scared?

I don’t get it.

Wow, is that ever un-funny and un-interesting (and, from what I see of American politics, un-accurate). Maybe he should have his cartoon moved to the “Editorial” pages.

Lame as it is, it’s at least a break from the typical Xmas-is-the-season-to-trash-other-religions Hart strip.

It’s early yet. I have faith that he won’t let us down. :frowning:

Well, I had been meaning to write my senator John Sununu to tell him that this registered Unenrolled (Independent) appreciated his vote. I kept forgetting to do it, but now Johnny Hart has given me the impetus to do it right now. So thanks, you schmuck!

You can probably let Hart know directly about your displeasure by contacting through his representative, Creators Syndicate, Inc. Web address

Perhaps you’re misinterpreting the cartoon; it may be that Hart is making an allusion to the magazine New Republic, or possibly the “New Republic” as described in the Expanded Universe **Star Wars ** novels. If the latter, Hart’s cartoon may be referring to the characters’ various responses to the completion of the Prequel Trilogy earlier this year.

I have come to the conclusion that the fourth wall-violating disgusted glower that Hart’s characters often exhibit at a strip’s punch line is in reality a silent plea for help.

Has Mr. Hart been getting writing advice from Bruce Tinsley?

The best way to fight a bad comic is with a good one.