johnnyharvard's speeding ticket - the conclusion

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long - I haven’t had a computer for a while since I quit the old job. Got one now, though. Seems like I missed a lot, including the sad news with Wally. I offer my sincere condolences.

Anyway, with regards to the speeding ticket saga from the past six months, the case was dismissed. I don’t know why or how, but it was dismissed.

After about 5 different resets, everything was set to go on the Friday before Memorial day. I figured the cop would have a lesser chance of showing up that day, but I was very ready with my case if we were going to have a trial. But for some reason a different judge I had never seen before came in at about 8:00 and started calling everyone up to the bench and dismissing EVERY case before the court. I have no idea why this happened or why the original judge was not there. Although my cop wasn’t there, there were a lot of other cops there, and most of the prosecutors, but EVERYONE had their case dimissed. No one would give me an answer as to why this happened, and I haven’t gone back since.

So I didn’t have to do any work in court (I worked my ass off out of court), but I learned a lot about the system in the process. I also got out of the bullshit $150 fine and insurance hike, so I’m happy with the results. Thanks to everyone for their help.

Bravo. Very similar to what happened in my last speeding ticket case. I asked for a continuance up front, which was granted, and didn’t hear from the court for almost a year. Finally, I received a letter, and I went in to plead not guilty and set a date. Then, I received a letter stating that the officer couldn’t make that court date, so the ticket was dismissed. Like you, I came in ready to rumble, with a folder stuffed with questions, pictures, calculations, all that good stuff. And, like you, I learned a lot in the process.

And now, here I am in law school. Who’da thunk it.

Speaking of tickets…Yo Max! Whatever happened with that parking ticket?