Johns Hopkins 66, Navy 61: NCAA Men's Basketball

Johns Hopkins (Division III in everything except lacrosse) just beat Division I Navy, 66-61. (Okay, so Navy’s not exactly the powerhouse they were in the David Robinson days. It’s still pretty impressive whenever a Division III team beats a Division I team.) :cool:

David and Goliath, bay-bee.

Personally I just take this as being another example of the deterioration of our military readiness. I mean how are we supposed to fight a major two front war when shit like this happens?

My alma mater has a basketball team??? Why wasn’t I informed?? After spending 8 years there and getting two degrees and going to over 50 lacrosse games, I think I would have noticed if it really has other sports.

Well, maybe not.

The service academies are usually HORRIBLE at basketball. I think they have height restrictions on who can attend, and this weeds out a lot of basketball talent. IIRC, David Robinson grew a lot in his time at Annapolis and wouldn’t have been accepted if he was 7’1" when he applied.

Navy has been to the big dance in recent years I think, snagging the Patriot League’s automatic bid a couple times.

But Chaminade vs. Virginia this ain’t.