Johnson/Hanks in 2020-After Trump, is anything possible?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced what he called a serious bid for President on SNL, picking Tom Hanks as his running mate. Normally I’d laugh something like this off…but after the Trump Debacle I’m wondering I’d rather have him as president. If there are any scandals uncovered, they will have two things going for them: The ability to be humble and apologize, and the fact that anything they have done will pale in comparison to Trump’s antics.

  1. Do they have a chance in hell?
  2. Would you consider voting for them?

Anything is possible. I think one thing that is being left out in your analysis is the fact that Trump has been involved in professional wrestling in the past (he is actually in the wrestling hall of fame) and is close to Vince Mcmahon whose wife is Linda Mcmahon who was nominated by Trump and is the current head of the Small Business Administration. I think this could give Trump a significant advantage because he would probably have far more access to information about Johnson than Johnson would have about him.

Trump is averaging a scandal every other day, and it’s not taking much of an effort to uncover them, because he tweets a third of them to the public himself. What could he possibly uncover about Johnson and/or Hanks that would make them more scandalous than himself?

The only one who can beat Trump is Stone Cold!

If they’re actually running against Trump, anything’s possible. If they’re running against Pence (more likely, imo), they don’t. If given the choice between a normal politician and a couple celebrities, I suspect by 2020, people would go with the normal politician, even if it means re-electing Mike Pence.

I’m not sure what there is to say beyond what’s already been said in the Tom Hanks for President, would you support him? thread. In particular, Shodan’s comment that “If Trump leaves one legacy, perhaps it could be that the Presidency is not an entry level position.”

Yes, for all of us dismayed about Trump getting any votes, it would be hard to vote for some wrestler.

Well, if those were my only two choices, I would have to pick Johnson/Hanks. It’s hard to imagine that they could be any worse than Trump.

Given other choices, well, they probably don’t make the short list.

I thought it was a gag for SNL, those guys aren’t serious are they?

I am very curious to see the depths that the GOP will go to for their next presidential candidate.

How low can they go?

  • an actual neo-Nazi?
  • someone who kept a woman locked up in his garden shed for 10 years?
  • An Appalachian meth-head with a grade 8 edumacation?

They do manage to continually amaze me - I have no idea how they will lower the bar in the future, but I have little doubt that they can do it.

Gallagher wouldn’t surprise me.

No, not serious. Hanks would be at the top of the ticket if they were. :wink:

Although, believe it or not, DJ is the highest paid actor in Hollywood these days. Go figure.

Too cerebral.

You must have seen one of his shows that didn’t feature the watermelon. :smiley:

Gad-damn liberal preformance art. He coulda told more racist jokes too.

Who’s DJ?

The next President OF The United States.

I want these jokers to run about as bad as I want the plumber to pilot the plane on my next flight. I’m tired of fucking amateurs thinking they can do the job. Once is enough with the bozo we have now proving the point. Fuck actors and entertainers and their elevated opinions of their talents. :smack:
Don’t mean to rant, but damn, being President takes more than being able to act “presidential”. Maybe they could learn on the job, but let’s start with Representative first, learn some chops, then go for high office.

Dwayne Johnson. You know, the guy the OP is about?


But nowadays, it’s not about who can be president; it’s about who can get elected. Totally different skill set.