Joining the military question


Was wondering something:
I’m 26 turning 27.
I have taken Xanax since I was 21. It was a (now cured) inner issue misdiagnosed as anxiety (by my GP - not any psych doctor) and I had a bit of a quack doctor unfortunately. He wasn’t even a psychologist. I never have been in therapy or had any psychological diagnosis. It was just a GP who decided to prescribe it to me as an easy solution to my issues. He had no qualifications to do so but prescribed me it anyway.

My question is, if I discontinue the Xanax, is there any way I could be able to join given the history of Xanax? I have no history of drug or alcohol abuse otherwise, no arrest record, and my family (father and both grandfathers) all served and were honorably discharged.

  1. Ask a recruiter. It’s their job to know the most up to date standards and have knowledge of what can be and what can’t be waivered.

  2. DODI 6130.03 (dtd 28APR10) - which may or may not be the most recent update.

The 24 months issue seems to apply to you at this point. Treatment longer than 12 months is a bigger issue. You can’t come off the drugs and have that issue disappear with time. Whether a waiver is even possible if you can get a new doctor to state that the treatment was unnecessary goes back to my first point. Ask a recruiter.

ETA - Whatever the issue really was, if not an anxiety disorder, is also relevant. That may or may not be an issue in and of itself.

nm; shoulda refreshed first.

So, you are going to quit Xanax cold turkey, after several years of continuous use? I don’t think that would be a good idea, IIRC, as I used to take these types of meds, that there is a method to discontinue use. Might be a good idea to follow the prescribed method of discontinuation and then see how you are. Your behavior might have become dependent upon the Xanax. Once you are good to go you can get a doctor to write a note saying that there are no issues/concerns as what was quotes earlier. It all depends on the recruiter, their numbers, military needs, etc.

Any ways, enough of that. Why, at 26/27 are you joining the military? Officer, enlisted?