Jokes about the Banker on "Deal or no Deal" are already old.

So don’t go there.
I’ve heard two today, and the first one was funny, but only because it was delivered in style by Michael McIntyre.
The second was Jonothan Ross who really shouldn’t tell jokes. He’s not very good at it.

Who tells jokes about Deal or No Deal and actually expects a laugh?

Jesus, no wonder Ricky Gervaise, Simon Pegg and Ali G swam for freedom to America.

To re-iterate. Michael McIntyre’s style is such that he can say almost anything and be funny and/or entertaining. Perhaps his actual joke wasn’t all that funny, but the way he delivered it was still rather pleasing in the laughability department.

edit: I don’t remember the joke (I just remember laughing) but the joke was about Noel calling the banker and him not being there.

And I understand that DOND is a bag of cockwank but the joke included the financial cricis as part of it’s meaning - which as a device for joke creation is probably not a bag of cockwank.

Apparently not only was I born **at **night, but it turns out I was born **LAST **night.

Lobsang, WTF are you asking or saying?

I’m completely lost.

I’m saying jokes about the Banker on “Deal or no Deal” are already old.

“old” is code for used and no longer funny.

Based on two jokes you heard, one of which you thought was funny. Okay!

Howie: Uh-huh. I see. I’ll ask him, but I don’t know what the answer will be.
(beat) Lobsang, the banker wants to know what the fuck you’re on about. Please tell us… right after this.

Lobsang is most likely talking about the British version of DOND, which doesn’t have Howie Mandel.

I was just ranting that Jonothan Ross is predictable. Shock horror: There’s a banking crisis and DOND has a banker on the other end of a phone and J R has thought: “There’s a shit joke in there somewhere.”

I like J R but I don’t like his joketelling ability.

Also shock Horror: Lobsang’s created a thread about something not very important or serious.

Or relevant to 99% of the board since most people here…

  1. Aren’t British


  1. Hate Deal or No Deal


Does DOND stand for DO Not post while Drunk?

Why does not making much sense to some people = being drunk? I’m not drunk.
It stands for Deal or no Deal. A sizeable portion of the Dope is British (Thanks for sensetively forgetting this fact) and about 99% of brits have heard of DOND. (I even specified what DOND stood for in the OP. No the TITLE OF THE OP!))

SO by posting I’m assuming that…

Some of you are brits.

The USA has it’s own version of DOND.

Some of you will be clever enough to work out that I am a Brit therefore this might be about something british.

Some of you will be clever enough to work out that DOND is an abreviation of something in the thread.

Are you British? Am I? I think not.

But you’ve forgotten that…

  1. Only a small portion of the board is British, therefore few have any idea who the comedians are in your OP.

  2. Deal or No Deal jokes just don’t fly in America because while the show has a following, even those that watch it don’t give a shit about it after it’s over.

  3. Americans on this board, by and large, hate Deal or No Deal.

Ergo, your inexplicable OP just looks like a lot of drunk talk to the rest of us.


I’m risking my feelings being hurt here, but I hope there’s a certain charm to that.
ETA: It amuses me to watch people be baffled.

No, but Lobsang’s location is right there in the upper righthand corner of his post…

Well, post it on a British message board, then. Digital Spy, for example? I realise that the discourse there is not quite up to SDMB standards, but they will at least know who Noel Edmonds is.
It just seems a bit odd to launch into a discussion of British comedians talking about the British version of a game show, on an American board, and expect people to know what you’re talking about.

Wait, is this board an Americans only club? Shit, I’ve been breaking the rules for six years.

And another thing.

If You are not interested in DOND then why did you open this thread?

If you’re a long time poster then you’ll know by now I’m English.

Cute, but you have to realize that Brits are not very prevelant on this board. Sure there’s a bunch, but there’s not all that many and I’d wager there’s probably more posters from Australia here.