Jon Land's "Blood Diamond"

So I just agreed to review this for the paper I work for. Not really my cup of tea, but I want to do more reviews and it was available…

I’m wondering, has anybody read it? Anybody reading the series?

Anything I shoud know about the rest of the series to appreciate this one? Do you know anything interesting about Jon Land I could include?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

(Is this as bad as getting SDMB to help you with your homework :wink: ? )

Reviews of two other Jon Land books may be found here and here. Said reviews amused me greatly, but didn’t fill me with any great urge to read the books. I suspect you have a gruelling assignment ahead of you…

i’ve read the other books in the series. the others have come out as paperbacks this is the first one i’ve seen in hardback. the other books would give you a backround on the relationship between the police officers.

with what is going on over there the books do provide an interest perspective.

mr land does have an interesting way of writing. before he got into this series he had some rather unbelievable doomsday books. the main character was somewhere around 7 feet tall. they were an enjoyable ride if you didn’t look to closely at the particulars.