Jordan Peterson sentenced to "re-education" or face licence revocation

The controversial Canadian Psychologist and Professor known for conservative values and refusal to call members of the LGBTQ+ community must submit to a course of social media sensitivity training lest he face a tribunal which can revoke his licence to practice medicine in Toronto.

LILLEY: Jordan Peterson threatened with psychologists licence being revoked over political statements online | Calgary Sun
Jordan B Peterson SENTENCED In Canada To Insane Camp! This Is Unimaginable! - YouTube
Dr. Jordan Peterson to Undergo Re-Education Training or Lose Clinical License in Canada - YouTube


What does that mean?

So we have an opinion piece based on Peterson’s online statements, which of course were designed for maximum engagement from his fans, and the College of Physicians of Ontario not giving this opinion writer additional information. And then we have two youtube videos …

Can we discuss how poor a basis for debate this is?

Given that the grift pays better than work I’m betting Peterson won’t mind losing his licence to practice medicine.
Bonus: It gives him something new to complain about while crying.

Jordan Peterson is a ‘talker’. Listening to ‘talkers’ makes me thirsty.

Now I’m really hungry for a chicken.


I notice how the sympathetic article won’t quote any of the “controversial” things Peterson wrote. That suggests to me that what he said must have been pretty bad.

Freedom of speech isn’t freedom from consequences. If Peterson said things which discredit his profession, he legitimately faces the possibility of losing his license to practice that profession.

Or if he said things that make it clear he would be a really lousy therapist. Client care might be at the forefront of concerns.

By the way, you first.

Yes, exactly. If he made a tweet that, for example, questioned the existence of trans people, then this would demonstrate that he is incapable of doing his job as a therapist, and a licensing organization would be INSANE to tarnish their own name by lending him legitimacy. It would be like a structural engineer ranting on Twitter about how gravity doesn’t exist, it’s just a conspiracy by woke people who don’t like tall buildings.

No, not happening without a much better structured OP.

A few crappy links is not worth a thread.

Describe what readers/watchers should expect to see and start the conversation yourself.