Julia Phillips

I just read ‘Driving Under the Affluence’ which most people didn’t like but every word of which I lapped up. She kept referring to a book named ‘Inalita’ or something that she wrote and that did seem to be well received but I cannot find anywhere. I looked on Amazon, and then I googled it but nothing.
Does anyone know if such a book existed, and if so, where can I get a copy of it, and if not, why all of the references?
I was sorry to see that she had died back in 2002, of cancer, as if she didn’t have enough problemas.

Since this is about a book, it’s better suited to Cafe Society than GQ.

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She wrote You’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again, which would be YNELITTA and is probably what you’re remembering.

I feel like an idiot.