July Mini Rants (now with fireworks!)

Got seated at a diner, waitress brought over our glasses of ice water.

“Y’all want anything else to drink?”
“No thanks.”
“Okay. Good!”

… like, “thank god these assholes don’t want an iced tea or anything, too.”

Mini enough. I’m sure y’all have bigger gripes. Gripe away!

Sitting on my deck minding own business. A wasp stung me on the back of my neck. I whacked at it and it got hung up in my hair. Freaked me the eff out. And I almost went into full on panic attack. I chilled quickly. Now my neck hurts like crap.

I dunno. In my diner-working days, when a customer didn’t order a beverage it usually meant that the check (and the tip) would be lower than otherwise hoped for. Not usually a cause for celebration.

That said, you were the one interacting with the waitress, so…

We’re in Valencia, where the national drink is horchata de chufa*. Asked for half a liter to take away.

“Frozen, semi or liquid?”
“Liquid, please.”
“Liquid, really?”
“Yes, liquid.”
“Are you going to cool it straightaway?”
“Yes, I am.”
sigh From here two blocks thataway, take the subway, one station on the brown line, change to light blue, down in La Granja, three blocks to my house, fridge.”
“Hrmph. Well. OK.”

I can understand being proud of your product, but seriously, so long as I pay for it, what does she care if I drink it or use it as body milk?

  • Heavily contested by agua de Valencia (“Valencia water”, cava w/ OJ), but this one has alcohol and therefore takes second place as you’re not supposed to give it to kids.

Public loos in Beijing. Why do they look like crime scenes? And why do people choose the damn stall next to me to smoke?

Allergies, yeah why do my eyeballs feel like there are boulders in them? Sneezing forEver in the mornings that’s a million laughs.

I was hoping to have natural air conditioning for more than 24 hours. Nope. House is closed back up, with the A/C back on.
Yesterday, we had pretty good rains. Went downstairs and discovered wet carpeting in a corner. A few years ago, the neighbor behind me put in a new driveway. It’s about 6’ away from the back of my house. Since then the small patch of grass has been degrading. I thought the majority of the problem stemmed from root rot from an old ironwood that was taken down. Nope. Her driveway.
So now, hot as balls out, I get to source the cheapest fill possible and re-grade the back of the house.
Oh, and my family that I pet sit for? That I bake a bazillion cupcakes in 90F temps for? No where to be found.

Obligatory: the “real feel” temp in NJ was 106 degrees at 3pm. It’s like living on the surface of a humid sun.

Nose and ear rant: I bought a pair of souped-up prescription glasses about 18 months ago and they’ve never been very comfortable to wear due to my snout roots and ear-tops. I have a within-average-width-nose on my face surface, but very wide subterranean snout bones, so eyeglass bridges aren’t very comfortable over the long run. As I bitch about con frequencia, I still have acne at 51yo and my glasses’ earpieces rub on my tender ears and cause little zits.

Sadly, glasses have become absolutely necessary now, so I ordered new, lighter frames with ultra-light lenses. I did away with the transitions I have on my current pair, but it still came to $440 :mad: thanks, massive subterranean nose and stoopid greasy ears.

Viral(?) sinus infection: I endured four days of an agonizing headache then finally saw the doc yesterday and got some Imitrex and steroidal nose spray. Her best guess is that it’s sinusitis due to the pain points on my head, but I don’t have any discharge and haven’t had a fever higher than 100 degrees on and off so quite likely it’s not bacterial (thusly no antibiotics, just waiting it out). I could accept and even, perhaps, embrace feeling low-level cruddy on a cold winter’s day whilst snuggled in blankies and watching comfort TV, but feeling yicky during an evil heatwave is pure, unalloyed misery.

One of those evil bastards stung me on the cheek last month. Hurts more than a bee sting, IMHO.

Oh, yes wasps are worse than bees. We have a bunch of wasp nests this year. As a result of my sting Mr.Wrekker has been spraying and removing wasp nests. There were no less than 10 under the deck. And a few on a little barn. He’s now wiped out and asleep in his chair. Hopefully the wasps will move on.

One of my facebook friends just reposted a bunch of my photos as her own. They’re arty-ish/nature/stuff photos, not really personal photos.

Part of me is irritated. I took those photos and they’re mine.
Part of me is kind of flattered that someone would like my pictures that much.
Part of me figures it doesn’t matter because I don’t get paid for my pictures, so it’s not like she’s infringing on my ability to make a living.
Part of me still says that’s MY art and my work.
Part of me says it’s kind of grandiose to consider it art.

Funny thing is, it’s not like I wasn’t going to see them. We’re Facebook friends (though we only have one mutual friend), so they popped right up on my newsfeed.

She should have asked you. Rude. You could pop up on her feed and say “How lovely that you like my pictures! :)” Busted but nice.

In Surrender Dorothy’s position, I’d be inclined to keep it more low-key. Poke her on FB Messenger, and ask her politely to edit the pics to add attribution to the actual photographer. Save the public call-out for if she declines to do the right thing when given a second chance.

It occurs to me to wonder if the FB “friend” might have her own nascent aspirations to start selling “her” work.

I agree. “How lovely” with a smiley face can be code for “that’s not at all lovely” but only you have to know, and others are free to interpret however they see fit. If you’re really upset about it add a little “bless your heart” too.

I pit nonactionable feedback. The summer camp where I coach wrestling gives tweens the option of wrestling or playing in the air conditioned rec center. The few that showed up had an active and, I thought, fun practice where we learned some moves and did live wrestling.

Their supervisor told me yesterday that they “weren’t into it” and to “change it up,” maybe by “wrestling a staff member.” Aside from that awful idea, no real explanation of the problem was offered.


Remember back a month ago I was complaining about my RFP being accepted (still yay!) but no action on when we are going to start. Yup, here we are a month later and still stuck in a holding pattern.

Last night I was feeding the koi/goldfish in our pond, tossing handfuls of fish food and watching the fish chow down.

The grass and water plants along the shore kept tickling my legs. then I felt something tickling my arm. I went to brush away the grass/whatever and saw it was a gigantic spider of some sort.

Damn. Thing was the size of a small dog. shudder

Here in DC we hit 112 degrees “real feel.” In the afternoon, the AC in the building started to fail and the temp crept up to 75 and then really took off, going from 75 to 78 in 18 minutes. Topped out at 79.5 before they got it under control. It’s a larg building (11 stories), so heating that volume of air that rapidly seems impressive to me.

Today it’s 114 degrees “real feel.”

Yep, it’s quite awesome! Love me some sun!

Oh - “I’m tired of all the people who hate summer weather bitching about how hot it is”

Holy crap, noooo spiders!!! They are nearly as bad as centipedes. I abhor centipedes. Why can’t all bugs be precious like butterflies and lady bugs?