What, no April minirants?

C’mon, you lazy slobs. Quit hanging on to your pathetic March madness and get with the April golden showers. Or face my wrath.

April is Happy Thoughts month.

How can my wife watch 4 or 5 cooking shows per week and STILL have no idea on what to make for dinner?

Sort your fucking bandwidth issues out youtube! I can’t watch a single video these days without having to fuck about with it and wait for it to buffer. And this is on high speed connections.

Worse when viewing the mobile site.

Youtube is the new realmedia.

correction, real networks…



Probably the same reason I can spend 8 hours a day on the internet and be completely stuck for ideas for my website. My brain hates me.

Golden showers?




You know you want it.

March and now April just sucked.

It’s fucking HOT outside.

Breakups fucking suck.

When pulling up to a red light, it’s ok to pull up to the line…not beyond, mind you. But five feet back is just stupid.

And you’re blocking me from pulling into the left turn lane, so now I’m going to miss the light. :mad:

Gosh darn it, I hate it when people on the internet are mean to each other. And when I say mean, I also mean slightly snarky. Why, just today I saw a post on this very board where a big meanie said something a bit rude about some other posters family.

I was upset about that, and nearly made a pit thread, but then I didnt.

So angry right now. :mad: Grrr.

Having been given my 15-day warning at my current client (15-day warnings are customary in Spain, usually required by the contract as well, except for Construction), I’m in the process of looking for people who’ll want the furniture and other Stuff I’ve got in the rental: there are only a couple of non-clothing items I really want to take back home.

I published an ad in a webpage, along the lines of “moving out, got [all this stuff], offer me a price for any of it and it’s yours but you’ll have to take it yourself”; it’s been my experience that this method may not get me prices as high as if I was setting them myself but it will get rid of stuff, and also some items will go for a much higher price than I would have set. They vetted it, approved it, published it. I’ve been getting so many emails and phone calls it’s gotten hard to track who is getting what.

Instead of using my lunch break to have lunch, I’ve used it to go home and update the ad, taking off the list those items which have already been sold and taking off the pic of one of those.

Now they’re rejecting the updated ad because “we’ve noticed you’re selling more than one item, you must put up individual listings”. That’s OK, guys: I’ve already sold half the stuff, I’ve got someone who may be happy to take another quarter, and I’ve got the phone number of a local charity organization which will send over a van for the rest. But if it took you an update to notice I was selling more than one item, your quality control process sucks!

Oh, and the reason I had to go home for the update. My client has put up all these nifty, oh-so-pretty computers in an area set aside for “employee entertainment”; it’s in an area accesible only to employees but while you’re there you’re not on the clock. The filters are exactly the same one as in the computers inside, which I guess explains why we’ve rarely seen anybody in that area. If you’re going to have the usual accesses, may as well do your goofing-off on the clock, right?

I hate it when people buy something from you on eBay and then won’t answer your emails. C’mon dude, pay the fucking $200 so I can get on with things.

That’s a nice thing about having a sofa for sale, I don’t need to handle shipping it…

Dear medicaid applicant:

Yes, the hospital has its own financial aid program for those who make too much for medicaid and too little to afford real insurance. Yes, you have to apply for medicaid first and be rejected for you to qualify for the hospital’s program.

However, contrary to your apparent belief, you have to ACTUALLY apply for medicaid and be legitimately rejected before the hospital will even enroll you in their program. The medicaid application is not pro forma…you are required to really and actually apply for medicaid. We treat that application as a real application rather than a formality because IT IS a real application. Neither the law nor the hospital’s FA program really give a flying wahoo if you don’t want to apply for “welfare”. The hospital will not enroll you in their private charity program if you qualify for the public charity program, which is why you have to put in a medicaid application in the first place.

No, we can’t just stamp it “Wants ECHCares, don’t approve” when we hand it to the intake worker. No, the intake worker can’t just mark it “Rejected” because you ask them to. It has to be rejected for income, so while not showing up for your interview or not sending in the documentation we ask for WILL get the app rejected, it will not get it rejected for a reason that will trigger the hospital’s program.

You cannot sidestep this. Please stop screaming in my ear about how you “DON’T WANT WELFARE!” I assure you, it a) will not help your situation and b) will make me not want to help you in your situation. While I would never deliberately misuse my position (some position! Hah!) to make your life miserable, it would be very tempting. So please don’t tempt me.

Five feet is stupid; 20 feet (which I have seen way too often) makes me stabby. I get the feeling people do this out of caution, but what they have to worry about is other drivers who are as incompetent as they are. So, basically, a real worry. :slight_smile:

I’m just so annoyed by pettiness and trashiness that I want to bitch-slap a few people.

Dear google, media and politicians of both sides:

I am looking for data on the federal budget. I don’t care what you think about it. I need to know what the budget proposals actually say. While I am a left-leaner, my job is to remain neutral. No amount of, “Won’t somebody think of the children?!?” or “Those asshole libs want to take all our money!” is going to provide me the actual information I need to discuss this with my senior management.

So can I please have some fucking information instead of interpretation? Pretty, pretty please?

And to my boss:

Yes, I know you don’t think that fiscal policy matters. You’ve also stated that legislative changes to healthcare don’t matter. But guess what? The products we develop are related to government entitlement programs like Medicare, Medicaid and other things. Astonishingly, new legislation and federal and state budget do impact the services we are able to provide. Therefore, while you hang out in your office on facebook, I read all the shit that’s applicable to us and then some. Perhaps to you, it’s not important. But to do my job and make informed decisions on where to spend our resources, it is. That your boss asked me to keep an eye on this should tell you that it matters. Grrr.

Now if you’ll excuse me, back to trying to find more info on the GOP budget proposal. No numbers there, but they have to have a document publicly available, right???


Oh here’s one. The human body is designed so poorly it’s annoying. I just took a drink of water and somehow that little flap opened up incorrectly and I basically just poured water into my windpipe instead of my esophagus. So of course coughing ensues, and I hate everyone asking me “Are you all right?” When i can’t fucking answer you! Just leave me alone for two minutes, it’ll be fine. Stop bugging me!

I can’t even remotely comprehend how people can believe in Intelligent Design. If the human body had been designed this would never happen. If it was designed it was designed by a retarded monkey tripping on acid.