March Minirant Madness

It’s a new month, so it’s time for a new mini-rant thread.

I’ve got a recessed lighting fixture that needs some work. The bulb housing won’t stay put in the fixture. The springy things seem to have lost some of their springiness.

I’m not in labor.

I hate college basketball, and soon it will be all that’s on sports broadcasting. I’m bored already.

I’m almost done with my last quarter of in-class work for my AAS degree. I have to have an internship lined up by next week (I think) and I’m scrambling here! I had one place I was really hoping to sign on with, and apparently the person who reviews resumes has very odd hours. It’s been over two weeks and I still haven’t heard anything back. I know I was stupid to pin my hopes on one place, but my instructor is one of the DVMs there and we get along really well, plus i KNOW they just had someone quit.

So yesterday I called 14 places and am going to be spending a large portion of my day sending emails and preparing cover letters for faxes. My anxiety levels are rising right now … I haven’t worked at all in three years, and haven’t interviewed for a job since 2005. I really really need a paid position so I can pay for day care for my two kids as well. Otherwise we are going to spend the bulk of our tax refund on day care for three months instead of paying down one of my credit cards.


I saw the title and I was so hoping for a basketball pitting so I could jump in with my pro-basketball opinion. I wish there was more than one March per year.

Hey, you with the gray/silver car! It’s getting dark around 5:30pm, it’s cloudy, and it’s snowing. Your car blends in really well with the road. Turn on your fucking headlights!

I know everybody in the PNW is just endlessly fascinated with the weather, but do we have to lead off every news cast with a ten minute story about it? “It’s snowing up here in the mountains. Back to you, Dave.” Or worse: “Everything is normal over here, so I’ll just try to make a two-minute bit about nothing. Back to you, Alice.” And then there’s a complete weather forecast later in the half hour. Stories about actual issues are wedged in between commercials or just ignored. This goes on for an hour and a half every evening, so it’s no wonder I can only stomache about 20 minutes of it. The network “news” is just a bad joke these days (other than PBS).

Ah, yes. Stealth mode.

Also, how the fuck long has that stain been on my sleeve? Cripes. (Hope I can get it out - I really like this sweater.)

This post got progressively more confusing until I got to the end and finally realized that I’d misread “car” as “cat.”

Fuck every company that thinks shrinking their employees’ cubicles is an easy way to make more money. Just fuck them. Fuck them with a barbed fish hook. May they rot in hell forever crammed in like sardines with their fellow assholes.

Lady, I’m sorry that our research study is closed. You said you were pointed to us in hopes that you could get free eye care, as you don’t have insurance any longer.

First of all, I truly do sympathize and understand, but need to point out that’s really the wrong reason to get into a research study, as is the hope that you’ll get a treatment/cure for your condition. It wouldn’t be called “research” if we knew it’d probably work great.

Second, the perception is that if it’s research, it must be free to you. That’s only true sometimes. Often, anything that is “standard of care” is charged for. In our study, you’d still be stuck with many medical bills for things that weren’t the experimental treatment.

Third, I didn’t appreciate the guilt-trippy questions about why she was told we might have something available and didn’t, and why it wouldn’t have been free anyway, and why aren’t we doing any more (and free) research on that one particular specific eye problem right now (convince the drug companies to send studies our way and we’ll be all for it), and why don’t I know about anywhere else in all of Illinois and Wisconsin and Indiana who’s doing any research on that one disease. After all of that, I think I was bring very nice to print out from online (because you said you had no Internet access) the one study reference I found, for a hospital not far across the border into Wisconsin.

And upon reflection, after mailing it out to you the other day, I realize I recognize the study group doing the research. They’re funded by government grants, so their budgets are even tighter than those of drug companies, and they almost surely won’t have totally free care for you. But that’ll all be explained to you, especially if you’re as upfront with them as you were with me.

Finally, it makes me sick to my stomach that we have an economic and healthcare situation in the US where people with serious problems like degenerative, irreversible vision problems (or other health conditions) are driven to try to sign up for experimental drug studies because of a lack of options to pay for their healthcare. I’ve seen it before with people desperate due to lack of any good approved treatments for certain conditions, but things are worse now.

Are you my co-worker’s wife? Her due date was 2/28 and they won’t induce until 3/6. She’s going nuts!

Hey, you people who take Yoga. I support your right to spend an hour laying on a mat, in the dark. You can even call it exercise if you want, not my business. But … could one of you at least set an alarm clock so that one of you could wake up … err , I mean stop exercising … so you don’t go 10 minutes into the next class?

3 different facilities, 3 different classes proceeded by Yoga. In every case we stand around for 10 minutes, staring through the window at unmoving people, in the dark. Do we wake someone up? Cough loudly maybe? In one case where we finally sent someone in to mention that there was a class waiting he got a stern lecture about respecting others. Nice. Learn to tell time.

What? Sorry, couldn’t hear you, I was on the phone.

GOOD for her OB! Especially if this is her first child … average gestation for a first time mother is 41weeks 3days. The actual gestational timeframe varies greatly from woman to woman, and is primarily regulated by her typical menstrual cycle. If normally has a ‘long’ cycle, then she’s much more likely to go close to 42 weeks. And even then, only once she hits 42w 1d is she considered past-term or ‘overdue’. Doctors and parents meddling with labor and delivery for completely selfish reasons drives me batty!

The irony, it burns.

I just wanted to point out that this final post from last month’s thread

was hilarious.

American Airlines socked with huge fine.

"The U.S. Transportation Department fined American Airlines $90,000 for failing to disclose a fee charged to passengers who redeem vouchers they get for voluntarily giving up seats on overbooked flights.

An investigation by the federal agency found that American didn’t tell passengers they would have to pay a $30 fee to redeem such vouchers by telephone or at airport ticket counters. The airline also didn’t disclose that the vouchers could not be redeemed on its website."*

Wow, 90 grand in punishment** for getting passengers to give up their seats on overbooked flights and not telling them they’d be hit with charges to use the vouchers for new flights? What a heavy blow to corporate finances! We should all be worried that AA won’t survive. I hope they set out coin jars at all the reservation counters so that we can contribute to relieve AA of the effects of this massive, punitive retribution.

*AA says it no longer charges the $30 fee. You still can’t redeem the vouchers online, for reasons that are mystifying except to AA.
**AA will only have to pay half the fine if they’re good boys for one year and don’t pull this again.

Office management company. How did you manage to find a dishware set that has bowls that are just 2 ml too small to hold a can of soup?

NOBODY eats breakfast in this office. Some people bring in salads but those are usually in lunch containers.

So what the hell are we supposed to do with bowls that are too friggin small to hold a can of soup? … I can wear it as a hat, makes a great paperweight…etc

But if I want a bowl of soup I have to perform a circus act taking a brimming hot bowl out of the microwave.


Hey now, I may be liftliss or shiftliss, but I’m not shiftliss! A good point none the less, of course.