Jumbled up posts

Alright, I wasn’t going to say anything about this but now I’m completely miffed.

For the last few days I’ve been cruising around here and noticing a large number of posts with horrendous spelling. Not the normal typos and similar mistakes that all, or most of us, make. I mean some posts that almost look like they’ve been written in code. Asterics here, dollar signs there, five words smunched into one, and so on. And it’s coming from posters that I know don’t usually make these kinds of mistakes.

Rather than site some examples and possibly embarass someone needlessly, has anyone else noticed this?

I don’t know how it could be possible, but could it be a problem with my browser? I sure don’t notice it with other pages.

Again, I understand that mistakes happen, and with my spelling and grammer I’m not about to be critical, but it sure is obvious to me lately.

Any ideas?

All I’ve noticed are quite a few double posts. Not much else. :smiley:

At first I had no idea what your post meant. I put it in the ever expanding ‘beats me’ file and tucked it away.

I swear I didn’t double post. Or, I swear I didn’t get any message saying anything was wrong or I need to wait.

I hit submit, waited for it to post, and moved over to general questions. Honest.

I tell ya, some odd things are going on here lately.

You did see this coming, didn’t you?

Asterics -> Asterisks
embarass -> embarrass
grammer -> grammar

You’re welcome.

Are you trying to send me up the clock tower DrM?

Eh, you forgot:

site —> cite
smunched —> scrunched

That cuts it!

I try to ask a legitimate question around here and what do I get?


Well sarcasm this!

Aww Chris, don’t let 'em get to ya. They just have no idea what the problem is either! :slight_smile:

If you don’t notice the same problem when you view other sites, then I don’t think your browser’s the problem.

Thanks Audrey.

Some people can be counted on around here.

Those other people? Well, I’m breaking out another list for them.