Jumping Jupiter

Jupiter may have ejected another giant planet out of the solar system early in the solar system’s history.

The authors speculate that Jupiter’s orbit changed rapidly during the early history of the solar system.

I sometimes wonder if there are a lot of orphan planets out there, just drifting aimlessly.

How far out would Dionysus[sup]1[/sup] have been shot out? Kuiper Belt? Oort Cloud? Is there any chance we would ever spot it?

1 - It’s my name, and I’m sticking to it.

What if. . . it was not completely ejected, but put on a very long period orbit. . . and might be headed back this way!

And it’s pissed!

Yes, there are.

Farther than that. It would have been ejected from the Solar System entirely, into interstellar space. We have spotted rogue planets not bound to any star, so yes, there’s a chance we could find it. I’m not sure we could positively identify it as having come from our solar system, though.

Wow, cool. Thanks!

::::hijack:::: Is it just me, or in the logo, does the astronomer look like he’s writing his name on the lunar dust?

So Velikovsky had the right idea? :smiley:

You are no longer alone.

Do you mean astronaut? I don’t see any astronomers in the article.

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