Jumping off the "Welshing" thread [misogynistic slurs]

It is systemic but you do not need to know the guy’s life history to grasp after a minute that, no, he does not have a heart of gold.

Do we have any declared Anglophobes on the boards?

Thy’re a scary lot.

There have been numerous long threads on this issue, some of which I won’d link to because they have the uncensored slur in the title. But here’s the most recent I think:

Anglophiles, dammit. :man_facepalming:

The board does too, and when used in a misogynistic way can lead to moderator action. They’re not given a pass at all, you need to be careful how and where you use them. (My advice is just “don’t”, and I follow that advice as well.)

I do not use them, but my question is how can those terms be used in a non-misogynistic way? They are by definition misogynistic.

You’d have to ask a mod (and shouldn’t this be in ATMB?) but all I can think is that the words can be written out in reported speech, with no obligation to ***** them?

If the intent is to give a pass to British male-to-male usage, I think it’s misguided, since anyone can see and read a written post.

A key difference is that these are swear words: the other thread is about a word that isn’t a swear word, but ordinary language. English has a lot of sex-based swear words (sex meaning the action, not male / female sex), and that is part of what gives them their power.

Personally, I don’t use the sex-based ones (male or female) for the reasons you outline. But I think “prick,” “dick,” and “twat” are pretty interchangeable—calling someone by a slang term for the M/F sex-specific genitalia used during sex. But there’s no reason not to substitute a M/F sex-neutral part of the anatomy (“asshole / arsehole”).

The c-word has rather more power, and even though I’m aware of the British usage and dislike language policing, surely people can find a more creative and less misogynistic way to phrase their swears and insults.

How about Anaïs Nin? “Henry and I have lunch together. He is very caressing. We take a nap. He takes me so violently that I tell him he must have reached a supercunt. I am so elastic and pliable…” NB this is from her own private journals.

You demonstrated it yourself in your opening post here. Putting asterisks is meaningless, just like there is no difference between saying “ass” and “@$$”, aside from a “wink-wink” sort of discretion.

You can use the words in a discussion if you aren’t using them in a vulgar or insulting way, but admittedly there are limited ways to do that. But again, you’ve done it yourself.

I’m fairly new here. I picked BBP 'cause I thought it might get heated. If it should be moved by all means mods move it.

I was actually not aware (or had completely forgotten) that “twat” had a physiological meaning. I’ve only heard it from Brits in the context of calling soneone a stupid jerk. I only really avoid it because it sounds too British to my ears.

I do avoid welched/welshed, though. It seems too much a coincidence that there’s this word that refers to a stingy practice thay happens to share a word with a group with a stereotype for being cheap. adjust like I avoid gypped.

You know. I really don’t know what that above post was about exactly. If a woman chooses to use such language to refer to herself that’s peachy. However, you do seem to be trolling so whatev. :roll_eyes:

I really didn’t know that the Welsh had such a stereotype attached to them.

DPRK was absolutely not trolling. That was an example of a woman using the term for herself in a way that was not intended to be disparaging, and I assume it was a sincere attempt to answer your question.

It’s pretty rude to ask a question and accuse someone of being a troll when they give a helpful answer.

Tangent: if you want to show asterisks, you must precede them with a backslash.


Thank you.

I don’t really think it answered my question. YMMV obviously. My question was why the words are allowed here when others that are arguably less or more objectionable are not. Perhaps it’s a misunderstanding? If it was sincere I truly apologize.

That wasn’t your question. I know you’re new but you should know how quotes work. DPRK was answering the question being quoted which was:

DPRK then showed the term being used in a non-misogynistic way. And that was supposedly trolling?

This is the Pit which is the one place where people can call each other trolls, sure, but if you were hoping to get sincere answers to your questions that isn’t going to happen if you accuse people who give you those answers. Rather, you’re more likely to be accused of being a troll yourself. I’m sort of leaning that way in all honesty.