jumping with skateboard

When people on a skateboard get it to go up with them when they jump, are they doing something with their rear foot that makes the board go up with them? It always looks like they just jump up and the board goes with them from inertia, but that can’t be right. Can it? :smack:

It’s called an Ollie. You’re popping the back of the deck off of the ground with your rear foot to make it bounce up in the air.

How to Ollie on a skateboard!

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The trick is called an Ollie.

Skateboard Visual aid: _______/

Basically, the skater launches the board in the air by leaping hard off the ground from the back angled edge. The board kicks up like a stepped on garden hoe. They use their front foot to level it out.

Here’s a Google Video of a teenager demonstrating how to do an ollie.

It’s a much harder trick than it looks. Took me ages to get it.

Iasked this same question a while back. Got some great answers… sadly my search-fu isn’t what it should be.

Basically, IIRC, after the bounce the front foot drags the board up with it.

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