Juneau to Willow-What happened?

I recall reading over 10 years ago Alaska moving its capital from Juneau to Willow. What ever happend? Why did it not occur?

Actually, I think it was Wasilla, not Willow–but I thought it was just a non-binding referendum.

In 1976, a non-binding ballot measure to move the state capital from Juneau to Willow was approved. In 1994, a ballot measure to officially move the capital from Juneau to Wasilla was defeated. Not surprisingly, since state government is the number one employer in the city, Juneau spends $500,000 per year on efforts to keep the capital there.


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Where are Willow and Wasilla? Are these decent-sized cities (for Alaska) or are they dinky places would be hard to find on a map?

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Oh please. The word ‘atlas’ come to mind??