Jungle Fever, Yellow Fever, etc.

I know that “Jungle Fever” is a slang phrase for being attracted to black people; and “Yellow Fever” applies to orientals. Is there any similar slang phrase for being attracted to latinos/latinas? Whites? Indians? Other groups?


Hmmmm…Interesting question. This is slightly related-

In gay culture, non-Asian guys who dig Asian guys are called “Rice Queens”. I have heard Asian gay guys call other Asian gay guys who dig white guys “Potato Queens”.

Never heard of anything, hetero- homo- or otherwise to refer to people who are attracted to Hispanic/Latinos or Indians, though.


If you’re Filipino and act white, you’re a coconut (brown outside, white inside, get it?).

I’ve always wondered if there was a word for Filipinos who act black (speaking in ebonics, dressing in loose clothes, bling, etc).

Yellow fever is a real viral disease that involves jaundice (hence the “yellow”). Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never heard it used in any other context.


I once had a college class with a Nez Perce, who said that when he was in high school he was considered an “apple Indian” (red on outside, etc.).

The American slang for a white person who adopts stereotypical black gangster mannerisms is wigger.

This is linked from the page you cite:

The first time I recall hearing it used in the context of preferring Asian women was by Lucy Lui in an interview. She said she would never date a man who had yellow fever.

I, personally, prefer “dippin;” in the ________. For example:

SharkB8 is dippin’ in the vanilla. SharkB8’s boyfriend is dippin’ in the chocolate. With other races/ethnicities, you can substitute any dippable element of that race/ethnic group’s cuisine that would adequately relay what on earth you’re talking about.

SharkB8 has dipped in the salsa. SharkB8 almost dipped in the duck sauce once. SharkB8’s cousin dips in the chutney.

We all following? If not, let me know. I’ll email you my senior thesis.

So all white guys were out, or just those who went, “OMG! Asian chick!” instead of seeing Lucy herself?

The way I read it, it was the guys who date *only *Asian women. As I understand it, the term usually refers to men (or I guess women) who usually or only date a specific “race” outside their own. (I put race in quotes in deference to those who will come and tell us there is no such thing as race, it is a social construct, etc.)

I remember reading the interview Khadaji mentioned (or maybe Liu has said the same thing at different interviews). Liu had a pretty strong standard - as I recall, she said she would not date anyone who had dated an Asian woman in the past (only one step less than the Groucho Marx standard). Apparently she figured the first time was okay. After that it was a fetish.

Funny. I know a guy who dated Lucy Liu (in high school). He’s not Asian – he’s of European ancestry. To the best of my knowledge, he’s never dated another Asian woman. Does that mean he gets a second shot at Lucy? Or does she consider having dated any Asian woman, including herself, as a disqualification?