Junior Birdmen

You all did so well with the Miss Suzy Had a Steamboat thing that I though I’d ask about another Girl Scout Camp classic. Does anyone know the words (and accompanying actions) to this one? All I can remember is “Up in the air, Junior Birdmen.”

Dunno about girl scouts, but in college the Army ROTC’ers would sing this to the Air Force ROTC’ers:
Up in the air, Junior Birdman
Up in the air, flying high
Up in the air, Junior Birdman
Whith your head up in the sky
Up in the sky!

And when you get that big promotion
And you win your wings of tin
Then we’ll know the Junior Birdman
Has sent his box tops in!

5 box tops
10 box tops…

A hat with bells on is not funny, it is the jester underneath.

There are probably many variations, but the version I learned (at Camp Kiwanis at Pinecrest Dunes) went like this:

Up in the air (point upward), Junior Birdmen (make Junior Birdman gesture (see below)).
Up in the air (point upward), upside down (turn hand over).
Up in the air, Junior Birdmen (same gestures as line 1).
Keep your noses off the ground (touch nose in time with the music).

When you hear the mailman ringing (doorbell ringing gesture, like pushing a button)
And you get your wings of tin (elbows out, arms tucked in).
Then you will know (touch head), Junior Birmen (JB gesture*)
You have sent your box (touch chest) tops (touch head) in (point toward you)>

The Junior Birdman gesture: touch thumbs to forefingers to make a circle. Put pinkies on your chin and rotate upward so that the circles of your thumbs and forefingers come up to cover your eyes like goggles.

We also did Junior Scubamen (same song, except you made a “diving mask” gesture over your eyes instead of the cooler JB) and “Down by the Old (not the new but the old) Mill Stream.”

Read “Sundials” in the new issue of Aboriginal Science Fiction.