Junkie Dogs Running Amok Down Under!

It’s toad licking madness!

Rover’s scratching to get out, not because he’s got to go, but because he’s needing a fix.

What a double standard. It’s okay now for cats to get buzzed on catnip, but not for dogs to get all toaded up?



I just finished watching the “Let’s go to the hop!” episode of “Family Guy”, in which Columbian toads become the rage amongst the Quahog high school students.

Those dogs need an equivalent of Lando Griffen!

Well a cat is not gonna die of catnip no matter how much they ingest but cane toad toxin will kill a dog or cat quite quickly. Sort of like the difference between marijuana and crack cocaine.

I’m just laughing at the instruction to keep your yard free of toads. How? The little bastards just hop in and hop out. We’ve got a huge guy who is stealing the cats’s food every night. My cats just say no to toads though as they are old and staid. And prefer catnip in any case.

There’s a fine fresh specimen in my freezer at the moment. At least this time Mr P had the courtesy to leave me a note telling me he had caught and frozen one – it was truly special the time I grabbed some meat out for dinner and it was a dead toad.