Junkies in my building

Not exactly sure how I feel about this, but 4 “recovering addicts” moved into my building recently. I guess they just got out of rehab and this living situation is something of a half-way house. The rate of success in rehabilitation is something like 25% or lower. I have a feeling they will be back on drugs soon.

My question is: If they are living in a court mandated halfway house, are they drug tested regularly? Should I move? Is this a justified cause to get out of my lease?

They really do seem like nice guys, but as some of you know, an addict on drugs is not someone to trust. Advice please.

Don’t do anything to startle them. Or seem over interested, or shunning. They are people just like anyone else, but they are most likely under a lot of duress. I wonder why they moved 4 guys in together… or are they together? seems interesting, where do you live?

never mind the last Q? I just read your OP.

Well, don’t give them the keys to your room and you should be fine (assuming this isn’t some kind of communal building). Really, what kinds of specific problems are you anticipating?

Avoid them like, well, junkies! And keep your doors locked!

My wife said she was cutting me off. I told her she couldn’t cut me off if she didn’t know where I was getting it.

I am not judging these people for their addiction. Believe me, I’m in no position to judge anyone when it comes to that crap. I am just stating the facts that 75% don’t stay clean. When you’re talking about junkies, you’re talking about people who will do anything for their drugs. I have a little kid to worry about, and myself as well.

They may have said they checked in on their own volition, but I find it hard to believe. There’s also the fact that one of them eyeballs me everytime I walk out in the hall. It just makes me a little nervous. I’m not jumping the gun, or rushing to move, I’m just checking my options and getting opinions.

Like I said, they seemed like nice enough guys. But like Hunter S. says, “You can turn your back on a man, but never turn your back on a drug.”