Junkyard Wars with a Twist

Or maybe Junkyard Wars you’re like to see. I’m not an uberfan of Junkyard Wars, but I like the show. It seems to me that the premise could be expanded a little bit though. For instance, instead of making a car, get two teams of computer geeks to do something.

Team one will be requied to boot Linux on an 8086 processor and 8 MB of RAM.

Team Two will be required to get Microsoft Windows to boot on the system of thier choice.


So what’s your idea? Junkyard wars for geeks, accountants, lawyers, and anyone else. Let’s hear 'em Dopers.

Two teams of microbiologists/immunologists/virologists have 16 hrs to construct a BSL-3 suite, harvest a blood sample from a live adult chimp and see who can isolate the most PBMC from the blood draw.

  1. All lab equipment must be made from the junkyard

  2. All safety gear must also be made from the junkyard

  3. Chimp must be located in and captured with materals from the junkyard.

  4. Bite kits to be provided, along with needles

  5. All reagents must be created from the raw reagents – IE no LSM, you gotta make it and PhD that bastage yourself.

Team one: Deathrow inmates.
Team two: Convicted terrorists.
…have 10 hours to construct weapons with which they…

Alright, I better stop there.

Did anybody like how MacGyver wouldn’t touch guns, but occasionally would construct a gun out of assorted junk? What the hell?

Okay, serious submission:

Teams given 1,500 hp engine and radio control equipment. They have to build a car around the engine to achieve the highest speed possible on a dry lake bed.