Jussie Smollett.

I just want to make clear, I am not drawing conclusions, just throwing in my two cents worth. But could the Chicago police who say Jussie Smollett is faking his attack just be homophobic? Because police and the LGBT community have a long history of mistrust.

Just saying. I certainly hope I’m wrong.


The Chicago police have a long history of railroading innocent people, and have paid something like a half billion dollars in recent years to settle claims. But not this time. CPD was very deliberate in the handling of this case.

Yeah, the evidence is pretty damning. Police found the rope, bleach, and the magazines with the words cut out (used to make the threatening letter to Smollett) in the two men’s apartment.

The two ‘assailants’ have apparently also given some pretty damning testimony to investigators. This was just not a very smart stunt for Smollett to pull.

I’m not sure that follows. The case was pretty obvious; deliberation wasn’t all that necessary. Nor was good police work, AFAICT.

This smelled like a hoax from the get-go. The idea that white guys with MAGA hats were gonna walk around Chicago after midnight, randomly attacking gay, black men…well, it could happen, but it seemed unlikely.

Chicago PD did their job here, and Smollett deserves punishment of some kind.


But I’m waiting for the chorus of right-wingers to complain that the mainstream media isn’t giving enough attention to Smollett’s arrest.

This one smelled fishy from the start, and CPD had a dozen full time detectives looking at every aspect of this. I believe “deliberate” is an appropriate word choice.

Ok. I’m just suggesting that it doesn’t require high-end detection skills to track down a pile of rotting fish by smell. They did their jobs, and did so effectively.