just a couple a thoughts...

i found this site because i was looking for the main site for the hip-hop star, nelly. i just wanted to ask why on earth he would choose a stage name that in the gay and lesbian community means an effeminate man or a queen, as in “oh, that nelly queen!”

my other comment is that do the guys who walk around with their pants around their knees realize that gay men across the world love to look at a “backside” covered only by plaid underwear? also, do they see how ridiculous it is to walk around like a penguin? also, if such a person is so tough and involved in any activity that might bring the eyes of the law on them don’t they realize that it’s a lot easier to outrun the law with your pants at your waist than at your ankles?

I MEAN NO DISRESPECT TO ANYONE! i just don’t understand how this fashion statement became so popular-in the case of the jeans-or how anyone would not have given better advice to a music star regarding their stage name.

happy christmas everyone!

Because his name is Cornell

Regarding you’re entire post, including the Nelly comment, I don’t any one that wears their pants low or goes by the name Nelly, was really giving any possible gay connotation a second (or even first) thought.

Also, WRT the whole pants part of your post…you’re beating a dead horse.

Also, I’ve never talked to any gay people about this, but saying “gay men across the world love to look at a “backside” covered only by plaid underwear” sounds like a gross generalization that probably isn’t as universally true as you’re implying it to be. I’m sure plenty of gay men feel this way, but there’s probably just as many who got hot and bothered by an average size guy with messy hair and a baggy sweatshirt (or any other combination of clothes/height/appearance/skin color etc for that matter).

BTW, it’s Nelly.net
What search terms led you here?

His name is Cornell Haynes, so my guess is Nelly is his real-life nickname. (At least it could be.) And I don’t think you hear too many younger people using “nelly” that way, so it’s probably not an issue for him.

As far as the pants thing goes… it could be true in theory, but I’ve never heard a gay guy enthuse about that style. Sounds like you’re making an unwarranted assumption here.

Actually no, in my experience, the guys with asses worth looking at don’t wear their pants that way.