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Hi cecil and co I was thinking i receive so much junk i could put a dent in my heating
bills by burning it. I don’t want to throw wrapping paper into the fire but know how to best turn it into a efficient combustible material. My first thought is to roll it up and dip it in wax. i hope you have a better idea???

I watched a documentary recently where some old guy was soaking his paper waste in some combustible liquid, and then placing it into a vice-type thing and pressing it into bricks. Sorry I can’t be more detailed, but that old man looked as if he had it down to a fine art.

There are various methods of turning waste paper into reasonably efficient combustible briquettes, though you will need storage space and several weeks drying time to produce them.

Typically the paper is soaked in water for a period of several hours/overnight and then squeezed and moulded. This can be done using a commercially available mechanical compressors, typically £15-20 ($30), or by a home-made device.

There’s more on the subject at moneysavingexpert.com. An example of a briquette maker with some brief instructions can be seen here or try the D.I.Y. approach.

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