just bought a new violin

i am admitting now that i have a grade-schoolesque crush on a piece of wood. i can’t stop thinking about it. i haven’t felt this way about my last few girlfriends, i’m so excited. it’s a 1946 glasel, made in germany. i’m so in love. i also just realized how bad that first sentence sounds, and before i make anymore comments like that, i’ll stop.

ok, sorry. someone erase it, please. [sub]damn browser…[/sub]

How is the tone? How does it feel? How does it sing? Did you get a bow with it as well?

(you’re not gonna paint it with your dead wife’s blood, are you?)

it has a deep low end and is clear throughout the range. i feel so sure about every note playing on this violin, not like any other i’ve played. i got a bow also, but i mainly got the bow because it was a steal. sure, it’s a good bow, but i haven’t played with it enough to know if it’s as perfect as the violin. i bought it from the same shop i bought the fiddle from, so the guy took 400 dollars off the price of the bow. we still left the shop almost 6000 dollars lighter than we went in, but it helped to get a break somewhere. i’m really excited right now, because the shop has the violin right now, they’re polishing it up, and i get it back tomorrow, then i get to play it! as much as i want!! oh, god…i just noticed how sweaty my palms are…

I know how you feel. I had the same feeling when I bought a French Horn all those years ago when I still played. It was a beautiful old girl, patinaed with age and the loving hands of many previous owners. I believe it was made in 1790 or something close to that.

Sigh. I wish I still played.

Congratulations on the new baby! Send pictures!