Just bought a whole fish--need help fast

So this will be dinner.

It’s kind of big, I’d say about 16" long and 3" thick at its widest. I have no idea what to do with it, or what kind of fish it is. Any suggestions? I got it at the Japanese fish market and no one there speaks enough English to help (and my Japanese is awful).

So. I have all kinds of cooking stuff. I have a grill. I have access to banana leaves. What should I do with this thing?

I think it’s either a red snapper or a red mullet… Either way–

Red Snapper with Chili and Bananas in Banana Leaves with crispy shallots

Scale the fish.
Gut the snapper or mullet.
Make some crispy fried Shallots.
Cut some bananas in rounds.
Make a paste with half of the bananas, some veg. oil, and japanese hot pepper, salt and pepper. Thourougly coat and rub the fish inside and out with the paste.
Wrap the Fish in banana leaves with the remaining banana slices, sprinkle with a generous amount of yuzu before folding/closing. Steam for 10 minutes. Serve with sticky rice, and garnish with the crispy shallots.

Or you can grill the banana leaf packet for a while… not sure about the time, maybe 20-25 minutes?

It looks to me like red bream you’ve got there, although it could very well be red snapper. I’m not exactly sure how to tell them apart, although I do know that many fish in Asian Chicago restaurants that are sold as “red snapper” are actually red bream.

I ended up doing this. It was fabulous.

I would suggest salt-baking it.