Snapper on the grill

My local gorcery had some lovely fresh snapper filets today. I got a couple of them, and they were pretty thick as snapper goes. I really wanted to cook them on the grill, but since they’re delicate white fish, I was worried about them falling apart. So, here’s what I did.

 When the grill was ready to put the fish on, I sliced up some lemons and put the lemon slices on the grill.  I put the snapper on top of the lemons, skin side down, and seasoned them with salt and pepper.  I closed the grill and cooked them for 15 minutes.  

 They were wonderful.  They were infused with the lemon, and were incredibly tender and flakey.  I am going to cok fish on the grill like this from now on.

Sounds excellent! I catch quite a lot of snapper so I’ll try it this way.

I made some great fish the other day- sprinkled it with some salt and fresh black pepper. Squeezed half a lemon over the filets. Topped them with diced tomatoes, onions, and green peppers. Baked at 300 for about 20 minutes. SO good! I imagine it would have worked fine on the grill in foil as well.

Sounds great. You might experiment with banking the coals on one side, and placing the fish on the other side: cooking with indirect heat. I have had a great deal of success grilling fish this way. Or if your fish has skin on it, cook over direct heat to crisp the skin, then rotate the grill to cook the fish indirectly. Probably my preferred method.

This is exactly what I do, and it works like a charm. May I suggest a mango salsa for on top?

Dice up some mango, red onion, a little jalapeno pepper, add some lemon juice, kosher salt, and cilantro to taste. Make it a number of hours before the fish (or even the day before) to let all the flavors blend together.

Thank you, Gentlemen. Another possibility that I, who hate fish, may eat Salmon with Mrs. Plant. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I thought this would be about Tawny Kitaen.

Please carry on.

There you go again, KneadToKnow! :smiley:

Though I hate to be a killjoy and despite the fact that it’s truly delicious, may I submit this fish is a poor choice for mass consumption? Snapper is a very-slow-growing nonfarmable reefer that can live up to 15 years. I can grill or smoke a bountiful shitfish like tilapia to make your taste buds literally blow off.