Just come here and read.

My first (or second) topic ever on MPSIMS, and it’s my hundredth post.

What? That’s it. You can go now.


I agree, SB.

Happy one hundred posts, Speaker for the Dead. I wish you had elaborated a little, though; told us a little about yourself, etc.

But there’s still time!


The power of a smiley. Who woulda known…

Anyway, I agree SB.

Maybe you could give us something meaningful for the occasion. :wink:

Heh, I just didn’t really feel like celebrating. Oh, and my cat’s getting it’s first checkup in six years!

Keep on posting, SftD. And make that cat-checkup thing an annual even, ‘kay, darlin’?

BTW, love your SN. I loved that whole series of books!

Speaker for the Dead? Where’d you ever come up with a stupid name like that?!?

Jeez…this is like a partyfor the dead.

But happy hundred anyway.

Gee. Me too. A hundred posts. Hmm…I guess celebration is in order then.


There. I feel better now.

Congratulations SftD, keep it up. :slight_smile: