Just discovered ELO. Run screaming or rejoice?

I hve a copy of ELO’S Greatest Hits. Listening all the way through for the second time straight. Not sure if it really is that the music is good- or the I easily become addicted to things.

Tell me yay or nay on ELO . :wink:

I have to admit, I do love “Strange Magic.”

I THINK that’s ELO, right?

I hear Betty Ford have a facility for people in your condition.

ELO rocks…i like “showdown” the best

They’ve always been my favorite group.

“Mr. Blue Sky”
“Evil Woman”
“Turned To Stone”

I always enjoy coming across an ELO song on the radio . . .

Something about the composition and the vocals harmonies that appeal. When I discover “new” music, I’v always got to wonder how it sounded to the people who heard it first. I mean to me this music now isnt as revolutionary as it might have been when it first came out.

I like Strange Magic. Some of their stuff is reminding me a bit of the Beatles and John Lennon. Hope that isnt heresy to anyone here…

Highly recommended:

Out of the Blue
Face the Music
A New World Record


Secret Messages
Electric Light Orchestra (AKA No Answer)

For completists:

On the Third Day
Balance of Power

John once referred to ELO as the “son of the Beatles” and was a big fan of “Showdown”.

Check out “10538 Overture” (from No Answer) and try NOT to think of the Beatles.

Mr. Blue Sky, I’ve meant to ask in the past if your handle is in homage to the greatest rock group on Earth.

Of course it’s a matter of taste but they are my personal favorite of all time.

Do Ya
Fire on High
Evil Woman

some of my favs!

Seek out more of their stuff, you might like it.

Not at all. In fact, Jeff Lynne of ELO produced the “post-Lennon” Beatles singles, such as “Free As A Bird.” You can hear a definite ELO-tinge in those songs.

Post-ELO Jeff Lynne sounds a lot like itself. His work with Harrison, Orbison, Petty (solo and all together), and the Everly Brothers sound a lot alike. His producing is a bit overpowering; perhaps the artists were tired?

He also produced some of Randy Newman’s Land of Dreams and its clear he has a style of his own that carries through the Willberry’s ELO and the ‘Beatles’.

Always loved Rock Aria - used to play it in a band years ago (no string section!) and always choked up at the end on the line -
‘I thought I saw the man there, but I wasn’t really sure, but it’s alright’ with no clue why. And I’m a psychotherapist!

Enjoy yourself

Lynne is a very gifted songwriter/producer, but it doesn’t matter who performs, it still sounds like Jeff Lynne. I enjoy his work with Petty, but Orbison’s voice has always grated me, so I skip that.

Eldorado is a very solid album, and very typical of the era. Lo’s of bands very experimenting with mixing classical music with rock/pop and ELO was one of the best. Their version of ‘Roll over Bethoven’ is very good, IMO. I think Berry liked it too.

Stay away from modern stuff, as ELO nowadays exists as something for drummer Bev Bevan to sqeeze dry to pay the bills. But do check out the band that was to become ELO - The Move with Lynne and Roy Wood in the front and as songwriters.

Thankfully, that abomination has disbanded and the name taken away.

I heard that piece of crap ole’ Bev puked out. It sounds like a bad Asia album.

Ahhhhh ELO. It’s like musical crack. You should celebrate by running away screaming, you lucky dog.

What can possibly compare with “Time”–a concept album about a guy from 1981 who accidentally gets sucked into the future by some wacky future science types and, well … can’t get back. Not really much of a plot. But great, great absolutely ludicrous songs.

"Remember the good old 1980s
When things were so uncomplicated?
I wish I could go back there again
And everything could be the same
I’ve got a ticket to the moon … "

And the love song about a robot who won’t return his affections? (“Yours Truly, 2095”)

"I met someone who looks a lot like you,
She does the things you do, but she is an IBM …

…She has an IQ of 1,001,
She has a jumpsuit on, and she’s also a telephone.

…Maybe one day I’ll feel her cold embrace,
And kiss her interface, until then I’ll leave her alone."

{{{Nvme77}}} Hope you get well soon :wink:

It’s like Satanic music, only much happier!

Its better than Loverboy.

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Arkansas, hence the Joy!

Even The Diary of Horace Wimp?

(Which is strangly addictive)